Did I do something wrong?

I know I haven’t been on xanga much lately. That’s because I lost my net connection at home. So I’ve been pretty limited. But I come back tonight and several people on my feed are suddenly no longer “friends.” As in, they have their blog on friends lock and I’m no longer able to read. Did something happen? Did I do or say something that made a bunch of people take me off their list?

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  1. I don’t think it was you. People on Xanga are a fickle bunch and can make decisions on a whim. I wouldn’t take it personal. You’re not a drama starter.

  2. It’s probably one of two things: You either weren’t on their friends list to begin with and just thought so, and they’ve since gone on friends lock (I did too for a while) – in this case, just add them! You never know. Or the other thing may simply be that some people do like to prune their friends list. They do this on Facebook and such too. If someone hasn’t been active on the site in a while or something they delete them, nothing personal, some people just don’t like to have a million obscure friends on their sites. On a personal blogging site I can see how that would apply even more. Chances are none of those are anything personal. Just start commenting and friend adding again.

  3. it isn’t what you did but what you didn’t do. they usually delete me when I don’t leave enough comments on their site but some deleted me likely because I no longer post suggestive pics of myself. in order to get them to back, post half naked pics

  4. I go on friends lock from time to time and sometimes I see a whole bunch of people add me who I already thought were my friends. I don’t delete friends though unless they are outwardly offensive or irritating which you’re not, so it wasn’t me!

  5. cleaned out my cluttered friends list recently from 400 down to 180. I didn’t like my universal inbox being cluttered so I only kept the people I like to read and people I talk to. I think we’re friends, I’ve always found your blogs interesting to read… Also haven’t been on Friends lock in quite some time.

  6. Well, you never did do a followup on the ‘girlfriend issues” post. And that was a long time ago. Maybe that whole put the Xanga-cummunity up on a string got old, lol?

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