Dear Xanga – Age Verification???

Dear Xanga,

What’s the deal with this age verification stuff? You have to mail / fax in your drivers license in order to view explicit content? What a hassle. Not to mention what if I don’t want you to have my drivers license information, or the information on my birth certificate or passport? I’m kind of curious how many people actually do it. Isn’t there a better way? I mean this is the internet and there is so much free hardcore porn out there that any kid can get to so easily. I don’t think most who are looking are coming to Xanga to try and find it.

I can understand if you don’t want to turn into a porn site. I totally get that. Not saying the ratings shouldn’t be there. Just that it should be easier for adults to get to.


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  1. @SnippiesBlog – A credit card seems like an even worse idea though. I’m not really sure what the solution should be, but I think being that explicit stuff is already so easy to get to on the internet, maybe it should just be “enter your age and hit submit”.

  2. I agree, one of my friends writes good articles, but its on explicit, so I can’t see them :( and there’s someone who always comes and visits my site but I can’t visit theirs due to explicit content..

    I’m 19 years old! if I wanted porn there’s plenty of sites for that.. haha

  3. Perhaps you should have to enter a birthdate when you first sign up – and then you cant change it. 

    People who would get around the system of that would do the same with any other system they have!

  4. I seem to remember a time when you just had to use a credit card to prove your age, but maybe not?

    I’m also curious to know how many people actually mail that crap in, just to view explicit content. Someone should take a poll.

  5. I am in agreement with the common thread here- what the hell?  I mean, to enter an alcoholic beverage site, all you do is say “my birthday is xx/xx/xx” hit enter, and if you are of age or can do math, you’re in the site.  Some online liquor sales only require a credit card to verify age- something which you can get if you are 18.  It’s odd that Xanga, which puts a bunch of crap on its featured page, would require such information for access to explicit content. 

  6. when i verified my age, i had to put in my license… didn’t seem like that big a deal to me… the government is already watching all of us… besides, good luck getting a DIME off a credit card of MINE.

  7. Agreed.
    I’ve had my account for a few years and just turned eighteen. I don’t need the explicit content or anything, but I like being allowed! >.<

  8. Definitely have to agree. Xanga is primarily a blogging site as far as I can tell. Or diary or whathave you. Not exactly spot number one for people looking for porn to read. That’s a little extreme to make you send personal info like that. Who’s to say the kid doesn’t just steal their parent’s license? So many ways to get around it.

  9. @john – Well that sounds like a predicament. I have a little better understanding now. Still I’m curious how all these other sites get around such things so easily.

  10. I was tempted to give in because before my present account I had a sex blog and the majority of my readers/viewers were being rated EX. Like I say, I really want to continue reading them & them me but I was paranoid that my info would get lost or into the wrong hands. Ultimately, I gave up & closed that account. Now I just stick to private posting with a limited amount of viewers. In the end, I do understand why they require it but I’m just not willing to take that chance. 

  11. It’s not like xanga is a shady site or anything. they’re not going to sell your information or charge up your credit card. You need to get over the internet parinoia.

    all those horror stories you hear, doesn’t apply to every single site on the internet.

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