Dear God… these girls

So I’m doing a photo shoot in the main hallway at a doctors office and this teenage girl and her 40 something mom walk by. I’m being all nice and say hello. But this teenage girl is wearing these tight grey leggings and her ass is just like… heaven. OMG! I’ve never in my life been with a girl like that. Even when I was a teenager.

Her mom looks at me and kinda smiles likes she’s into me.

I can’t help but feel horrible. Her mom is digging on me and all I’m thinking is “jesus lady, I want your daughter not you.”

Man I feel so old. Why is it that men still feel like 18 year old guys no matter how old we get? Granted her mom was probably closer to my age, but totally not heaven like her daughter.

I’m sooo bad.

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  1. As a female who has cohabitated with a man 16 years my junior for 6 some odd years, I say you’re not so bad.  Some of us, male and female, just relate better to younger, and some men like older women and some women like older men.

  2. this was a strange blog, probably what I get from following a rec.   I’m more confused as to why a photoshoot would randomly be occurring in a doctor’s office- are you a model?   A… model pretending to be a patient??
    Everyone can enjoy the youth but keep it legal there, Tiger

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