Dark Ages of America

Lets get a little political for a moment. I’m not a supporter of the George W. Bush administration. I feel that as a result of his presidency we entered into a sort of dark ages in this country. During most of this presidency we’ve been at war, we’ve been attacked at home to an extent not seen since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor back in World War 2, and US citizens have lived in fear of terrorism because it’s how our government told us to act. Fear is a method of control. You can see it in our movies, hear it in our music and watch it every day on our news. We’ve been consumed by this.

But I’m hopeful. To look on the positive side of things it has given us something to aspire to, a better peaceful tomorrow. It has given us material to talk, write songs and shoot films about for years. It is the bad that must come every so often in order for the good to look better. The contrast. Lets just hope the end of this presidency brings a brighter future for this country.
And while it’s true America must get it’s hands dirty in the mud every so often in order to maintain it’s stance, these last seven years were more like blatantly shitting on our own hands and smearing it around in some retarded defiance of ourselves. When its all over is there any way we can just pretend we were drunk for the last eight years and forget about it? Somehow I don’t think so. But still, lets look at the bright side, it’s the only way to overcome the darkness.

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