Cult of Mac

Just so you know we are in good company…

A list of famous mac users.
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Tim Allen, actor

Harry Anderson, actor

Dan Aykroyd, actor

Lauren Bacall, actress

Valerie Bertinelli, actress

Katheryn Bigelow, director “Strange Days”

Sandra Bullock, actress

Drew Carey, actor

Marc Caro, director Delicatessen la citE des enfants perdus

Doug Chang, Lucas Films graphic artist “Forrest Gump, “Star Wars”

Lee Chemel, TV Director

Art Clokey, creator of Gumby

Dabney Coleman, actor

Stephen Collins, actor Star Trek movie, Jumpin Jack Flash

Kevin Costner, actor

Tom Cruise, actor/producer “Mission Impossible”

Geena Davis, actress

Danny DeVito, actor/director

Barry Diller show-biz/entertainment-biz biggie

Richard Donner, director/producer “Free Willy” and “Lethal Weapon”

Clint Eastwood, actor, and his accountant too

Sally Field, actress

Wendy Finerman, producer “Forrest Gump”

Harrison Ford, actor

Jodie Foster, actress

Mel Gibson and family, actor

Tom Hanks, actor

Renny Harlin, director/producer “Friday the 13th”, “Cutthroat Island”

Mariel Hemingway, actress

Buck Henry, writer/director,actor “To Die For”

Dustin Hoffman, actor

Samuel L. Jackson, actor

Steven Charles Jaffe, director “Strange Days”

Ann Jillian, actress

Nicole Kidman, actress

John Laroquette, actor

Spike Lee, director/writer/actor “Do The Right Thing”, “Malcolm X”

Rush Limbaugh, radio and tv personality

George Lucas, director/producer “Star Wars”, “Indiana Jones”

Marlee Matlin, actress

Alyssa Milano, actress

Robert Morton, producer

Dennis Muren, head special effects huncho, ILM

Geoff Murphy, director “Freejack” and “Under Siege II”

Conan O’Brien, TV personality

Rosie O’Donnell, actress/comedian

Mike Okuda (Scenic Arts director – Star Trek, TNG, DS9, and Voyager)

Sydney Pollack, director including “The Way We Were” and “The Firm”

Maury Povich, TV talk show host/personality

Jerry Seinfeld, actor/comedian

Joel Schumacher, director/producer, “Batman Forever”

Andrew Shue, actor

Sinbad, actor/comedian

John Singleton, writer/director “Boyz in the Hood”, “Higher Learning”

Wesley Snipes, actor

Sly Stallone, actor

Darren Star, creator “90210” and “Melrose Place”

Oliver Stone, director/producer “Scarface”,”JFK”, “Nixon”

Sharon Stone, actress

John Tesh, actor

Irwin Winkler, director/producer “Good Fellas” and “The Net”

Robert Zemeckis, director “Forrest Gump” and “Back to the Future”


Bryan Adams, singer/musician

“Aerosmith”, group

Tori Amos, singer

Laurie Anderson, musician

“The Beastie Boys”, group

Bjork, singer

Bono, singer/musician U2

George Clinton, President Clinton’s brother and musician

Sheryl Crow, Grammy award-winning singer

Thomas Dolby, musician

Front 242, music group

Peter Gabriel, musician

Jerry Garcia, musician

Mickey Gilley, singer (country western)

Dave Gilmour singer/musician

Amy Grant, singer (gospel/pop/ac)

Grateful Dead, music group

Arlo Guthrie, musician

Jan Hammer, musician/composer famous Miami Vice Soundtrack

Herbie Hancock, musician

Ben Heppner, opera singer

Ice T, singer-rapper

Joe Jackson, musician

Michael Jackson (rumored, not confirmed)

Howard Jones, musician

John Paul Jones, musician formerly bassist w/Led Zeppelin

Quincy Jones, musician/producer

Stanley Jordan, musician

B.B. King, musician

Cyndi Lauper, singer

Cole Lloyd, musician

Courtney Love, singer Hole

Madonna, singer

Mannheim Steamroller, music group

MC Solaar, musician/rap

Meredith Monk, vocalist

New Order, music group

Prince (or the artist formerly known as)

Lou Rawls, singer

Trent Reznor, musician – Nine Inch Nails

Rolling Stones, music group

Jeff Rona, composer (Chicago Hope TV soundtrack, author)

Todd Rundgren, musician

Buffy Sainte-Marie, musician

Joe Satriani, musician

Paul Schaffer, musician

Jason Scheff, bass player/lead singer for Chicago

SEAL, musician

Gene Simmons, musician – KISS

Simply Red, music group

John Tesh, musician

Rabin Trevor, guitarist – YES

Eddie VanHalen, musician

Neil Young, musician

Hans Zimmer, THE Hollywood composer “The Lion King”, “Beverly Hills Cop”,etc…


Douglas Adams, Writer

Scott Adams, Cartoonist

Marty Basch, Writer

Gerry Callahan, senior writer Sports Illustrated

Tom Clancy, writer

Douglas Cooper, novelist

Richard Dawkins, biologist/author

Barbara De Angelis, author “The Love Doctor”

Roger Ebert, film critic

Malcolm Forbes, Jr., publisher

William Gibson, writer

David Guterson, author “Snow Falling on Cedars”

J.C. Herz, writer Playboy, Wired, plus books

Douglas Hofstadter, former Scientific American columnist and author

D Knowledge, poet

G. Gordon Liddy, colunmnist

John McTiernan, writer

Steve Perry, author “Shadows of the Empire”

Mario Puzzo, author The Godfather series

John Singleton, writer/director “Boyz in the Hood”, “Higher Learning”

Bruce Sterling, writer

Martha Stewart, publisher/editor “Living”

Bob Thave, cartoonist “Frank and Ernest”


Troy Aikman, Quarterback Dallas Cowboys

Buzz Aldrin, astronaut

Shoukei Arai, House of Representatives, Japan

Robert Ballard

Paul Baran, early internet pioneer

Bill Berner, Athletic Director University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Philippe Decoufle choregraphed Olympic Game opening in Albertville

Roy Disney, Disney Family

Michael Eisner, CEO Disney Corp.

Larry Ellison, Chairman, CEO and Founder Oracle Corp.

Kinky Friedman

Dr. Roger Guillemin, M.D., Ph.D, Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Physiology

Vaclav Havel, Czech President

Colin Hunter Virology Laboratories,Univ. of Maryland at Baltimore

Paul MacCready inventor, flying wing Pathfinder

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Laureate

Elizabeth Mason

Irene Mecchi

Edgar Morin, French philosopher, sociologist, science theoretician

Sandis Ozolinsh, Defenseman Colorado Avalanche

Fidel V. Ramos, President of the Republic of the Philippines

Ann Richards, former Texas Governor, politician

Greg Roach

Wayne A. Root

Stephen Sprouse, designer

Debi Thomas, ice skater

Isacc Tigret, founder the Hard Rock Cafe and House of Blues

Osel Hita Torres, Tibetan lama

Happy Walters

Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic Gold Medal ice skater

Boris Yeltsin’s, Russian President

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  1. So, we know the rich use Macs. So would I if I was that wealthy. But the equivalent mac to my $1300 PC was $4000.

  2. So, we know the rich use Macs. So would I if I was that wealthy. But the equivalent mac to my $1300 PC was $4000.

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