Crossing my fingers

…while waiting for the backhand.

I got some news at work today which is interesting. It turns out our photographer is leaving, seeking greener pastures. I like the guy, he’s a really cool guy and good at what he does. I’ve worked with him for a few years now so I’m sad to see him go but wish him luck.

That said, because he’s leaving our photography services are going to fall back into my hands. I did a few professional photo shoots for the company back before he started working there, but my profession is really video. Motion pictures. Although I do have a classic photography background as all good videographers/cinematographers should have, still photography is an art unto its own. many of the disciplines are similar but there are differences. For instance he was mainly using strobe lighting whereas I used constant lighting. So this is something I’m going to need to brush up on and quick as I have a photo shoot scheduled two weeks from now.

While he was there he mostly used his own gear, which he admits he probably shouldn’t have gotten into the habit of since it meant he was using his own tools when the company itself should have been supplying him with tools. When you are a freelance videographer or photographer it’s expected to have your own gear and you pay for it by upping your rates. But when you’re working salary for company at a lower rate they usually supply the gear.
But lets just say the my boss is “thrifty” so the company never invested in good photography gear because our guy was using his own. Well now they have to, because I don’t have my own gear. So this is where I’m crossing my fingers. Hoping that my boss actually comes through and gets us the gear we’ve suggested. Like I said, my boss has a tendency to be extremely “thrifty” and find creative ways to tell us we don’t need the gear we actually need to do our job. Instead saddling us with something that just barely allows us to get the work done that really isn’t up to professional standards. Now you see why the other guy was using his own gear to begin with.

This would all be somewhat understandable if I worked at a mom and pop shop with a handful of employees. But considering the company owns their own three story corporate office building, employs 60+ people and works on video projects that are multiple tens of thousands of dollars, it’s hard to overlook them saying “no” to a few thousand bucks worth of gear every couple of years. Espeically when most high school audio/video departments are better equipped than we are.

So the current list includes a Canon 7D, Canon 24-70mm F2.8 L series lens and a Canon speedlite flash. Total cost: roughly $3000. Considering this camera and lens are also on my list for video projects, since it does amazing cinema quality video as well as great still photography, that’s a bonus. Like I said, I’m crossing my fingers. But I’m waiting for the backhand to come flying as well. If we get this gear it will be a miracle. The sad part is that we even have to consider it a miracle since even mom and pop video shops would have had this simple kit six months ago and already be looking to upgrade six months from now. 

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