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Let me make a confession. I’m not a huge live music fan. I’ve never been a big concert goer. That said I’ve been to many concerts in my years, starting with my first big boy concert (the first I went with my friends, not parents) which was Nine Inch Nails on new years eve in ’94/95. Being that NIN has been my favorite band since I was 12, this was a big show for me and an awesome one at that. They toured with “Pop Will Eat Itself” and the Jim Rose Circus.
I’ve seen NIN a few more times since then and all but the last show were incredible.

As I get older my desire to go to concerts gets less and less. But there are some I would like to see considering I have never seen them. Here’s the list:

Tori Amos

Yeah I know. Such a huge list.
Who haven’t you seen that you would like to see live?


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  1. PJ Harvey. Tool (again). Bassnectar. Cybo.

    There’s actually a huge list. I won’t see any shows, probably, but I can dream. I saw Tori Amos once.

  2. Lucky seeing NIN. I really wanted to see Trent Reznor live and he was coming… was my boyfriends favorite… but he’d already seen them, didn’t want to go, so I lacked in motivation and didn’t. Now Imogen Heap is coming here, another one I want to see, but now I’m lacking in the cash. Good venue too. Such is life. I really want to see Deadmau5 live and Tiesto because I hear he is amazing live. Mmm… don’t know who else. I really love seeing anyone live. Especially outdoor music.

  3. I’m probably going to sound like an old fart even though I’m in my 20’s but I want to see rod stewart and phil collins in concert. I’m a sucker for love songs. aside from that, I’d like to see madonna live in concert I just like her naughtiness and been a fan of her classic songs since forever but only watched it on dvd. I would’ve liked to go to the velvet revolver concert but my favorite scott weiland left the band.

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