Coming back from the dead

I’ve been having weird dreams every so often since my dad died in March 2007. Every so many months I have a dream about him coming back from the dead.

Last night I had another one of these dreams. I was with Gabe and my mom at her house. Gabe was playing in another room and telling me how much he misses papa and who knocks on the door but my dad. He walks in all cheery and happy but looking really pale and kinda scaly. He seems like he was returning from a long trip and in a really good mood. He sat down on the couch and I went into the other room to get Gabe. Gabe was happy to see him and sat down on his lap and my dad just started talking to him. But my mom and I both seemed a little annoyed with his visit. Like one of those guests you really don’t want over so you uncomfortably don’t say a whole lot. Which is a strange reaction considering how much we would all love it if that was true in reality. But our reaction in the dream wasn’t a sense of shock or anything but annoyance.

I guess to some degree it makes sense, considering this certainly isn’t the first dream like this where he comes back. Maybe it’s a sign to myself that I’m getting annoyed by these dreamland visits?

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  1. I’ve had a few dreams like that since my dad died, but not very often. A part of me wishes I’d dream of him more.

  2. Could be. My dad passed away in 2000. I had “a” dream where he was calling me on the phone. I picked it up, he said “Trish, I’m fine here in heaven.” It was “so real”. Never had one like it again, but wish I did. 

  3. We all dream, and I agree with some that say your annoyance is because maybe it’s a hope that you will one day get to see your father again.  It is comforting to know that I am not the only one who dreams in this way.  After my grandmother died, I too have frequent dreams of her coming home or stopping by for a visit.  It is completely natural to have these dreams.

  4. Like your other commenters, I had similar dreams when my dad died.  According to my dictionary of dreams, it is a sign that we are simply trying to work through the loss, lay the “ghost” (to use the book’s word) to rest and to give us an opportunity for closure.

    I’m sure the dreams will pass.  I suggest writing them down.  After almost 20 years, I kind of wish I could revisit some of those dreams.

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