Christmas List 2023

Sometimes I overcomplicate things.
In 2020 I started my master list of things I want. The idea was to update it over the year as new things popped up that I wanted. I could reference it myself, or give the link to people for Christmas or my birthday whenever anyone asked. My girlfriend used it once for my birthday and it even made an appearance in my last short film (on her computer screen). Other than that, it’s mostly been used for Christmas. It was getting crazy with all the strikethrough text and notes I’ve added. So this year I decided to just start making a separate Christmas list for each year and linking people to that.
This is my list for Christmas 2023 that my son asked for.

1. Minidiscs with cases from Japan ($price varies)
Fifty or One Hundred Used Minidiscs – beautiful discs would be nice but not necessary. Have wanted these for years.

2. Dual Monitor stand for desk ($29)
Clamps onto desk. Could really use this to free up desk space.

3. Sony Power to battery adapter (two of them please) ($21 each)
This lets me plug my LED lights (that I’ve owned for years) into the wall instead of relying on battery power only.

4. GoPro Hero 5 Black Batteries ($25 but price varies depending on set)
GoPro Hero 5 Black batteries – 3 pack with charger or whatever. They also sell two packs and four packs and stuff. The off brand batteries are fine so long as they say they work with the Hero 5 Black

5. Foster Grant +1.50 Magnification Multi Focus (Troy, Camden, or McKay style) reading glasses ($30-$40)
Kroger or Foster Grant Website

6. Apple wired earbuds with 3.5mm end ($17)
For use with my iPod and other wired devices
Amazon or Apple Store or Target

7. Maglite replacement LED bulbs ($15.99) – Two pack for three cell D battery Maglites

8. D size batteries ($whatever) – 6 needed in total for Maglights – not picky on brand
8-pack Energizer on Amazon or 12-Pack Rayovac on Amazon or wherever

9. Apple TV+ Yearly subscription ($99)
Basically you buy and Apple Gift Card, which is how I would redeem this subscription.

10. Videomaker Magazine Print Subscription (1 Year – $30)
Videomaker store

11. American Cinematographer Print + Digital Subscription (1 year – $39)

12. Used Video Cameras (price varies) would love a full sized VHS or S-VHS camcorder
Ebay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Garage Sales, Flea Markets, etc.
I’m fascinated by full sized VHS or S-VHS camcorders from the late 1980s or 1990s. Panasonic always made decent stuff. Like the AG-188, AG-450, AG-455, AG-456, AG-180 or whatever. Some people list them without the dashes and just spaces instead. But I’m flexible, doesn’t need to be Panasonic, could be a Sharp consumer style camera. Just so long as it takes a full sized VHS or S-VHS tape.
I’m also fascinated by MiniDVD camcorders from the 2000s era. Pretty much anything Sony would work here, but again I’m flexible. I could use some MiniDVD-R discs to go with it.
I’m flexible on these things as far as make and model. Just so long as they work and have a power adapter or battery charger. Some way to power them. Working batteries aren’t necessary as I can probably find those. But they are alway nice to have. Definitely a wall plug if they don’t have a working battery.
Don’t buy anything “Untested” because that really means it’s broken.

13. Sony NP-F970 Generic Replacement Batteries ($37 – two pack)
I’ve got a couple of these already but they’re getting old and one of them doesn’t really hold a charge anymore. I use them for my LED lights, for video shoot sometimes, but mostly during power outrages.

14. Rechargable AA Batteries ($13.59)
These colorful NiMH batteries from Amazon.

15. Heather Grey Sweatshirt from Kroger
Saw this at the Kroger on 12 mile and thought it looked comfy. Don’t remember the price or if you could even find it. Size large.

Below are things over $100 that are probably too expensive but I’ll list them anyway: 

16. Polk Audio Subwoofer ($150-$250)
I have Polk front speakers so going with their sub makes sense. Honestly if you can find it used or even a different brand of 10″ subwoofer like Klipsch since I have Klipsch) rear speakers right now) or SVS. Preferably not Sony or something like that.
I’d like to stay with Polk since my two main loudspeakers are that. There was a guy on facebook marketplace listing a polk sub with polk tower speakers and an old Onkyo A/V receiver and some Boston Acoustic rear speakers for $175 used. That’s an amazing deal if he still has it.

17. Polk or Klipsch Audio Center channel or T15 surround speakers. ($150)
Gabe got me a pair of these for Christmas back in 2020 or 2021. I just put them up as my main front speakers in the house. So a second pair to use as surrounds would be nice. Again, used would be fine. But if you happen to get that deal where that guy is selling the Polk sub and Polk tower speakers mentioned above (#15), I’ll just use the towers as fronts and repurpose the T15s I have as surrounds.

I just repurposed my old Klipsch as surrounds. They are small enough and work great.

18. Butcher Block Wood Desktop(countertop). 1.5″ thick (unfinished)
5′ (foot) x 30″ (inches) Beech – Home Depot – $199
Anything with the same dimensions so long as it’s a hardwood. Would be used as a desktop replacement.
I’d love to get the wooden desktop I made sanded or planed down to be completely flat, then sealed, but it’s been three years now and I haven’t found a place to do it. So it might be easier just to buy a wooden desktop that is.

19. External Hard Drives (price varies)
Anything 5TB or bigger. Preferably Western Digital, but Seagate works too. I can always use more Hard Drives. Microcenter and Best Buy usually have the best prices.

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