Christmas gifts from beyond the grave

So I was sitting there talking to my mom a couple days before Christmas and she was asking me what I wanted for Christmas. I was having a hard time thinking of things I wanted. Then I thought of something.

“I’d like to have a new pocket knife, I don’t have one anymore. It would be really useful to have one”

“I think we have a pocket knife laying around here somewhere. I saw one recently.”

My goes back to her room and starts rustling through her closet and pulls out two brand new pocket knives. These are special edition 2005 Winchester Yellowboy pocket knife sets in collectors tins. Both still brand new in their plastic packaging.

My dad had bough these knives a few years back when he was still alive and intended to eventually give one to my brother and one to me.

I was pretty shocked to tell you the truth. Some might call it coincidence. I don’t believe that. My dad had always tried to get me the things I wanted for Christmas. It was as if this were a gift from beyond the grave.

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  1. wow. that’s pretty cool.

    a few years ago my aunts talked my grandfather into getting a cell phone. he got on a family plan with my grandmother, my uncle, and my mother. when my grandfather died, they gave the phone to another uncle, who didn’t have one. one of my aunts had never changed the name associated with the number from “Dad” to this brother. at Christmas, my uncle used said phone to call my aunt’s cellphone from Colorado, and her phone told her that “Dad” was calling. My aunt looked at it in shock for a moment, and then remembered they had transferred that number.

    “Merry Christmas, Dad,” she said, and then answered the phone.

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