What I “really” want for Christmas

When I was a kid I was pretty lucky. I got a lot of the presents I asked for. Not all of them, but enough. Being the last of four kids by an 11 year age difference made me the baby that everyone spoiled in one way or the other.

For the first couple years into my twenties my folks would still get me one or two big gifts. For instance one year I got a nice pair of computer speakers. Another year I got the Adobe Photoshop (upgrade) box. But all of that ended a good seven or eight years ago. Things are different now and have been for many years. Now I have my own son who is five years old who I in turn try to get some nice things for. It’s all about passing it down the line.

Today if I want something nice for myself, I have to get it for myself. Christmas with my family is all about what you can find on the cheap. Since we’re buying for so many. We’re talking ten to fifteen dollar gifts. Not too bad. But it’s been pretty difficult trying to figure out what ask for and what to get other people in that price range. Honestly there aren’t a ton of things I’d really like for around that amount of coin. So my list was pretty short.

Just for shits and giggles I decided I would write up a Christmas list for myself. Things I’d love to see under the tree with my name on it if my family and I were well-to-do. This is more for my own record then anything. Something I can look back on years from now and see what it was I wanted.

  • HTC Hero for Sprint ($100 on two year contract – $70 unlimited data, txt & internet and unlimited mobile to mobile calling each month)
  • Canon 7D – DSLR that can do HD 1080p video at 24fps ($1700 for the camera body only)
  • Nice component-style Turntable – like a Technics or similar for use with a stereo receiver and loud speakers.
  • A nice pair of loudspeakers – floor standing – Polk Audio or Klipsch
  • A house – just a nice 1200-1400sq ft 3-bedroom ranch with a finished basement, a fenced in yard and a fireplace in a decent neighborhood.
  • A newer car – something within the last five years that works well and gets good gas mileage – Toyota Corolla, Subaru, Honda Accord, Saab
  • A Macbook Pro – 15″ unibody with Nvidia 9400M+9600M graphics in it.
  • 42″ 1080P HD LCD TV – whatever, I’m not that picky
  • Xbox 360 with a 120GB hard drive and Fable II – More for my son and girlfriend then myself, but I’d still play Fable II here and there
  • Any and all debts paid off
  • My own successful small business that I enjoy working at
  • Peace, love and harmony among myself and those I know and love
  • Yeah I know some of those don’t fit under the tree. That’s probably also not a complete list, but it’s what was on my mind.

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