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My girlfriend asked me the other day why I keep changing my xanga picture so often. I told her it’s because I keep getting bored with the one I have. Which is the truth.I don’t think it’s a self confidence issue. I don’t know. But she’s told me before that I have many faces. Many different looks. Maybe that’s the reason. Maybe I’m just expressing different looks based on different stuff I write. I guess that kind of makes sense. After all, you change facial expressions when you talk to people about different things.

It might be a neat feature if xanga had the ability to change your picture per weblog entry. There would obviously be the default for when people are looking at your whole blog. But when they click on a single entry it could show whatever picture you chose for that entry.

I don’t know. I’m not sure if that would work. It depends on how often people here identify each other based on their picture.

I was in a conversation the other day where I told the person the first thing I look at when I go to someones blog is their picture in the corner. It’s just where my eye is drawn first. She said it was the last thing she looked at. What about you?

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  1. That would be a cool feature. I always feel bad for some reason when I leave a comment on someone’s page saying something sorta like “I’m so sorry. I hope things get better.” and then I post it only to see a picture of myself smiling next to the comment. I feel like I should have a sad face, not a smile. 

  2. I guess it wouldn’t work well for my layout because all my information is at the bottom of my blog.  I use that set up so I don’t have to have ads on my site.

  3. If I can’t see a person’s face, I usually won’t be interested in talking to them or adding them to my subscribe/friend list at all unless they iniate conversation and its very good.  Otherwise, no face, nonentity.

  4. The profile pic means nothing to me. Some users put other people’s faces there to hide who they really are, for as many reasons as there are faces on the planet. I’m particularly suspicious of vanity pics. If I like what they write one time, I’ll be back to see if they remain consistent.

  5. i change my layout almost every other day. its because i get bored. i might really like it, but i change my mind way too much. i probably change my picture weekly.

  6. I do the same thing – with my profile picture and my layout. It’s frustrating.
    Also, I usually notice the profile picture first.

  7. I don’t look at the profile pic much at all, really.  I’m not really interested in what the person looks like, just what they write like.  I think for some people (Theologianscafe comes to mind, for example), the profile pic becomes almost like a brand/logo since they never change it. 

  8. my profile picture is one of me with my head in my hands, i leave it since i feel that it helps convey a message of ‘oh my not again!’

  9. They have that feature. Umm…. positive. I was using it four years ago. 


    Yeah. When you’re writing your post, there are boxes under the text box. They say “Facebook” “Tags” “User Tags” and then “Profile Pic”… under “Profile Pic” you can choose which picture you want. Usually it’s set to default.

  10. i’m drawn to the little picture first as well, a quick glance then read the post that attracted me and then a further look into the picture.
    i guess i analyze a bit too much into some things, like the default picture i suppose.
    i would change my picture constantly as well but…i’m just lazy at taking pictures. :]
    because there are should i say, “a million and one” facial expressions i have for everything/anything. lol.
    same goes for my layout…i’m really picky about that though, i pick one after browsing hundreds and then tweaking it to my liking then i wont change it for “a million and one” years. haha. i’m usually satisfied with what i’ve got, i can’t part with something that looks perfect.

    until i feel like there’s a dramatic change in my life that is. then the picture and layout may be inclined to change soon as well.
    what a process!

  11. Well this explains a lot… I’ve kept my profile pic the same rainbow sheep all around Xanga for safety’s sake. I’m afraid of someone who knows me seeing my pic and finding my blog. But just recently I did start allowing my pic on my actual blog, so if people visit my blog they can see it there… this way I don’t have to worry about my picture being linked to my screen name in 3000000 places on Xanga that I can’t change it later. Once it’s there, it’s there and I can’t unlink it. But now I think I have an idea of why I don’t seem to get noticed much on Xanga. Not that it’s my goal but I seem more invisible than most.

    I originally came to this blog to tell you that yes, Xanga does have that feature, but I see someone already beat me to it. :)

  12. I’m new to xanga but on facebook I change my profile pic all the time. I like it to reflect my mood I guess. I would like a feature on xanga like you mentioned, I would totally use that!

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