Celebrity f*ck list

I remember seeing and episode of Entourage a couple years back. In it, Vincent (who is a young hot Hollywood movie star) met a girl on the street and the two of them ended up in bed together. Afterward she told him she had a boyfriend but that Vincent was on her celebrity fuck list.

She explained to him that both her and her boyfriend have one of these lists and that if ever either of them were to fall into a situation where they got a chance to sleep with someone on their list, they would, without contention from the other.

So do you have a celebrity fuck list and would you and your current partner be ok with that setup? Just for fun, who is on your list?

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  1. and this is just random and funny to me, i was just on my lunch break and i told my co-worker that i was going to ask a random guy if they wanted to get it on….just to see his reaction. lol.

  2. @trunthepaige – Yeah I feel the same way. There are some celebrities that are hot and if I were single I would perhaps have some fun with. But none that I would cheat on my girlfriend with. Even f it wasn’t cheating, I would probably still feel guilty about it.

  3. i think everyone has a “celebrity” fuck list! but not a more of a “shoppers i see at the grocery store list”. It’s easier to fantcize about someone not in the same town!! or if in the same town; not someone you see everyday!

  4. My list could go on forever, if I actually put thought into it, haha. Definitely TJ Thyne, Channing Tatum, Shia LaBeouf, Jason Mraz, Eminem, and other sexies, haha.

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