Catholics Outraged at 9 Year Old Girl’s Abortion


You know it’s really sad when religion and common sense clash. This is one of my main problems with revealed religions. People stop thinking for themselves as if the brain God gave them for reason and logic was somehow not applicable.

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  1. That is absolutely disgusting. Accusing that poor girl of murder after she was raped by her step father? Even most Christians would have to agree that is a bit sadistic. Expecting that girl to carry to term multiple children that she didn’t want and had no real say in conceiving is beyond cruel. Leave it to the religious fanatics (not all, but the crazy ones) to completely ignore the facts of a situation and move straight to religious dogma. Ugh

  2. What a bunch of asshats…

    I hope the girl gets the help she needs and her stepfather gets the punishment he deserves. Call me, I will do it

  3. The last time I heard about a young pregnant girl in South America who got an abortion- she was 11, I think- she found herself excommunicated. A child, excommunicated for a medical procedure she needed.

    Organized religion can be quite cold.

  4. What did you expect from a religion that excuses priests from molesting alter boys again and again and again, just relocating them to fix the problem.. There is something seriously wrong with the way these people think.

  5. @Undercover_Librarian – much more possible now that meat producers are allowed to feed drugs that mimic estrogen to the critters to fatten them up as much as possible before they are slaughtered. the artificial hormones act the same way in our bodies after we ingest them, causing not only weight gain, but hormone imbalances in women which could lead to early development in girls, more serious pms & menopause issues, as well as some of the ed problems that men are having to deal with these days… 

  6. The person to blame here is that step father who molested her.

    As for the abortion issue and the emotional aspect of a 9 year old who was raped…

    There are multiple lives being effected…this painful and dreadful issue is a direct result of the stepfather.

    Can some good come out of the 9 year old actually going through with delivering those babies?  If she has the abortion we will never know.

    No matter where anyone is on this issue, they are twisted…

    Ultimately that step-father should face the most serious of consequences…

    While we should provide that 9 year old with the best of care,   personally…the option to have those babies should be supported as an option and she should get the absolute best of care as it will be traumatic.

    That 9 year old and those babies are all innocent victims.

    Now, on that note, she should NOT be condemned if she chooses to have the abortion…but we should equally not be abusing her further by making her a poster child for the issue.

    Has she and those babies not suffered enough?

    Again…we see hate towards the “Religious” and we see sympathy for the 9 years old…we see some mention of the Step-father…but yet we see virtually nothing for the babies???

    We have sin in this world, thus the Step-father…yet we want to compound that sin by murdering some innocent babies?

    My sympathy is for the 9 year old and the babies…no matter how you look at this, you can find a sick view and a sick view of those who support that view…That step-father should carry ALL of the punishment for this…I wouldn’t mind seeing him go through the same surgeries that she will have to go through…even if there is nothing in him to abort or deliver…

    Why not do surgery on him with NO PAIN KILLERS!!!

  7. I think they are dumbasses. Whether they think abortions are right or wrong in this situation the girl’s body wouldn’t have been able to handle so it was for her own safety. If they can’t see that then I think they need a lesson in common sense. As for the father he just needs to rot in hell for what he did to her.

  8. If any good can come from all of this it will be that, eventually, as in other parts of the world, organized Christianity will become more and more irrelevant.

  9. So, basically, the Catholic church is saying that a child should die because she was the victim of a pedophile.  Was he following “the law of God” when he raped her?

  10. @freedomfromaddiction – I agree that the victims are the 9 yr old and the babies. What I have to take issue with is the fact that you think a viable life is possible for those babies. Simply put, its virtually impossible. The chances of birth defects for those babies is astronomically higher than your average baby born to a woman who is physically able to carry those babies. Not to mention what it would do physically to the 9 year old. Assuming she carries to term, even a c-section would be dangerous at best.The likelihood that she would suffer a miscarriage of at least one of those babies is extremely likely. My own sister, who will be 30 in a couple of months suffered a miscarriage and it nearly killed her. The second baby was a still born. Just the physical pain was enough to push her over the edge, not including the mental and emotional anguish she suffered. I can’t imagine what it would do to that girl.

    Its a bad situation all around, but it would be irresponsible at best to assume that poor girl could carry to term without major complications for her or the babies. I don’t like abortions, and I wish there was another way to handle the situation, but I’m hard pressed to come up with another option.

    I agree though, that step-father needs to have elective surgery on a certain part of the male anatomy.

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