Video: Musing about cameras

Just a video blog entry about my camera situation. Considering a switch from my GH2 to a Nikon or Canon camera. Talking it out on video.

Also considering picking up a Canon Vixia HF R400 for future video blogging. It’s not as high quality as the GH2, but smaller and easier to work with for self shots because of the small sensor and deep depth of field that results. It would also be nice to have a palm sized camcorder just for walking around at places like the Renaissance festival and other outings. Since the DSLR craze hit several years ago, most of us (by us I mean me) have forgotten about small camcorders and how useful they can be for certain shoots. Their picture quality has also gotten better over the years.


Nikon D7000

Part 1

Part 2

Update July 3rd, 2013:

I ended up returning and D7000 and buying a GH1 for $475 brand new with a 14-42 lens. Panasonic was having a firesale on the cameras through their website. I was later able to hack the GH1 and get some great video quality. Liked the camera a lot. Also bought a Canon 60D just to try out, decent camera but not the same build quality as the D7000, nor did I feel my pictures were as good with it. Sold the 60D and just kept the GH1.

Sadly I lost the GH1 and several lenses, filters, etc. Ended up buying a used GH2 with 14-45mm lens. I’ve had the GH2 now since October of 2012. I like the camera a lot but I do miss the Nikon. Kind of wish I never returned the Nikon. The build quality and photo quality of the D7000 was great. But I do enjoy the articulating LCD screen, video functionality and high image bitrate of my hacked GH2.

Just today I went to the store to check out the newer D7100, the successor to the D7000. I’m in love again. Feels so good in the hands and they’ve added a headphone jack now. Seriously considering picking one up. But I must wait a while and weigh it all out.