DVD Revisited

I got into DVD pretty quickly, unlike Blu-ray which took me six years after its launch to buy into it. It started with the first computer that I built. I made sure to buy a DVD-Rom drive for it because I was excited about the new movie format. This was 1998. We were aware of […]

Back to Android

  I’ve owned two Android phones in my life. The first was some HTC deal I got many years ago that had a little rollerball on the front. I owned it for about a week before realizing I could get an iPhone 3Gs. I don’t remember what the circumstances were but I jumped ship to […]

SocialMore Update

Now this is awkward. I’m giving a SocialMore update on my personal blog, not on SocialMore.com. Have you seen the movie The Lone Ranger, the new one with Johnny Depp? Throughout the movie he’s always feeding his dead bird. That’s how I feel about SocialMore. I started this project in late 2009. I brought on […]

All Natural

There is an argument known as Appeal to Nature and the basic concept is simple, “That which is natural is good and that which is unnatural is bad.” The problem with the appeal to nature is that it is not true. People tend to romanticize things. Sometimes that is ancient Chinese medicine, the words of […]

Galaxy S4 vs iPhone

So my girlfriend and I decided to upgrade our iPhones to Galaxy S4 phones a couple days ago. I had been pining for a larger screen phone for some time. In fact I almost took the leap to the Galaxy S2 before getting my last iPhone. An iPhone 4S. But I didn’t feel that Android […]

DSLR or Mirrorless?

When it comes to hobbyist and pro cameras, their are two types on the market today. DSLR and mirrorless. DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. In the film days before digital we called them SLRs without the D for digital. The term comes from the mirror inside the camera that flips up when you […]