Erotic Fiction

I have a confession. I’ve been writing erotic fiction for years. I even have a website where I publish these stories. But I’m not telling you where. In fact I doubt I have any readers. It’s just a random website out there in the vast sea of the internet, but that’s ok. I do it […]

Is bisexuality a choice?

Today we battle for equality on several fronts. One of the most prominent is equality for homosexuals in marriage and overall acceptance in society in order to minimize violence and prejudice against them. As a result many arguements have been made that homosexually is no more a choice than heterosexuality. One is born that way. […]


Not that I want my blog to turn into a full on LGBT blog because I post one homosexual entry right after another, but it’s been on my mind lately. What I notice most often when people are grossed about by homosexuality is really a reaction to gay men. Not so much lesbians or bisexual […]

Gay, nurture or nature?

I don’t necessarily believe that all people who are gay were born gay. Humanity is a spectrum and sexuality falls on that spectrum. You’ll hear people say (myself included) that sexuality is fluid. I very much believe that. We know that there is no gay gene. But there are epi-marks that act as switches on […]

Sex toys for guys

Ok, I’ve noticed something lately. Maybe it’s not new, but it’s new to me. It seems that sex toys for guys are kind of considered “perverted”. I don’t really understand. Women have their sex toys and openly talk about them with their close girlfriends. I guess it depends on the group of girls. But most […]