Erotic Fiction

I have a confession. I’ve been writing erotic fiction for years. I even have a website where I publish these stories. But I’m not telling you where. In fact I doubt I have any readers. It’s just a random website out there in the vast sea of the internet, but that’s ok. I do it […]

All Natural

There is an argument known as Appeal to Nature and the basic concept is simple, “That which is natural is good and that which is unnatural is bad.” The problem with the appeal to nature is that it is not true. People tend to romanticize things. Sometimes that is ancient Chinese medicine or the words […]

Fashion Ad

Jeans & Shit

I’ll be honest. The fashion world confuses me. Every time I see clips of runway models doing their walk, the first thing that comes to my mind is “what the fuck!” I’ve seen better fashion from drag queens on Jerry Springer. Thank god this plastic wrap shit doesn’t end up in stores where we commoners […]