Yesterday I posted that blog entry about nudity, which I also posted to facebook. As normal, all of the replies came on facebook itself. People today can’t be bothered to visit a blog and reply in the comments form there. Most of the time they can’t even be bothered to click a link to read […]

Nature Doesn’t Care

Sometimes it’s hard to understand the world we live in. Growing up religious I had a lot of ideas about the world that never seemed to really ring true when faced with the reality of the situation. It left me feeling like there were a lot of unanswered questions about why things happen the way […]

Is bisexuality a choice?

Today we battle for equality on several fronts. One of the most prominent is equality for homosexuals in marriage and overall acceptance in society in order to minimize violence and prejudice against them. As a result many arguements have been made that homosexually is no more a choice than heterosexuality. One is born that way. […]

Let’s ditch marriage

Lately I’ve been reading the exceptional book “Angels Of Our Better Nature” by Harvard Professor Steven Pinker. The book centers around violence and how it is decreasing in the modern world. But there is one part of the book where he discusses honor. I’m “reading” it on audiobook so I don’t remember exactly how it […]

All Natural

There is an argument known as Appeal to Nature and the basic concept is simple, “That which is natural is good and that which is unnatural is bad.” The problem with the appeal to nature is that it is not true. People tend to romanticize things. Sometimes that is ancient Chinese medicine or the words […]

Question Everything You Believe

As I’ve gotten older I’ve begun to question so many traditional positions of things. Where we live and how often we see our friends, public nudity, monogamy or the lack thereof, gender roles and crossdressing, sexual attraction, forms of government, philosophy and religious belief of lack thereof. There are so many things one can question. […]

Positive Tribalism

I touched on this in my last personal update titled Catching Up. But I wanted to expand on it more here as a whole. When we thinking of the word tribalism today we (or should I say I) often think of a less evolved society that is insular and ritural. Cutting themselves off from other […]


Not that I want my blog to turn into a full on LGBT blog because I post one homosexual entry right after another, but it’s been on my mind lately. What I notice most often when people are grossed about by homosexuality is really a reaction to gay men. Not so much lesbians or bisexual […]

Gay, nurture or nature?

I don’t necessarily believe that all people who are gay were born gay. Humanity is a spectrum and sexuality falls on that spectrum. You’ll hear people say (myself included) that sexuality is fluid. I very much believe that. We know that there is no gay gene. But there are epi-marks that act as switches on […]