Gay, nurture or nature?

I don’t necessarily believe that all people who are gay were born gay. Humanity is a spectrum and sexuality falls on that spectrum. You’ll hear people say (myself included) that sexuality is fluid. I very much believe that. We know that there is no gay gene. But there are epi-marks that act as switches on […]

Strong female character?

What constitutes a strong female character in a movie? I’ve noticed that movies have tended to shift from one extreme to another when showing females. Either they were parts with minor speaking roles almost like arm candy for the male leads. Nearly helpless without a man. Then the trend shifted to the extreme where you […]

Men in thongs (NSFW)

Society as a whole doesn’t generally accept the idea of men wearing things like thongs or bikini style bathing suits. The most common reaction is that men don’t look good in them. I contest that. I don’t think that’s what’s really going on. I think it has more to do with two things: 1. People […]

Gender Expectations

This post is inspired by SuggestiveTongue’s Entry. Men in skirts and dresses As I said in my comments there, I never understood why it is that girls can wear skirts or pants and yet it’s only socially acceptable for a guy to wear pants. That is with the few exceptions like a kilt or a […]