Catching up

Well it’s the end of July and it has been a busy month to some degree. I haven’t blogged very much this month. My last entry was on the 8th and today is the 30th so… a whole 22 days.

This is a personal entry. This month I helped my mom move in with my brother. She was going from an independent senior living apartment to a couple rooms at his house. My sisters were pretty upset about it. I don’t really know why. I think it’s generally a positive move that my mom chose to make herself. My brother doesn’t live with anyone nor has any kids, he also has some health issues so the two of them being there with each other is probably a good thing. They can look after each other and help each other out. Since my mom’s stroke two years ago she still doesn’t have use of her left arm and she can’t drive anymore. This way my brother can at least take her places or pick things up for her. When she was on her own she had to walk to the store or wait for someone to come by. While her apartment was in a better part of town, it was still pretty far away from things from a walking perspective for an older lady.

Let’s see, what else happened this month. I ended up trading my Panasonic GH2 with 14-45mm lens, adapters and batteries for a Canon 60D with two lenses (50mm f1.8 and 18-55 f3.5-5.6) a couple batteries and a the box. Nice even trade. Some guy who found my ad on Craiglist who is interested in video. So that was pretty cool.

I made it out to the Ann Arbor art fair this year. It has been years since I’ve went. Maybe ten years. It happens Wednesday through Saturday every year and I always forget when it’s going on. Plus with work during the week it’s hard to make it the bulk of the days. So I went out there on Saturday by myself. Melissa didn’t feel like going. I actually kind of enjoyed being out there myself. I got to field test my new 60D and take a lot of street photos of people and things. I was able to go anywhere I wanted at any time without being concerned about what someone else wanted to do.

[placeholder for a photo from the art fair]

Work has been going alright. Been editing projects and shooting some additional b-roll for projects I had shot the month before.

I’ve started to explore the idea of making my own Chainmaile shirt. August is fast approaching and this is the moth the renaissance festivel starts. We missed going last year, even though it’s something I look forward to every year. But last year was crazy because I was tight on money moving into a new house and then my van dying on me and having to buy another car. So far things are on track to making it out to the festival this year, hopefully a couple times. Once with the kiddo and once without so that we can drink and be merry.

I’m not entirely sure if I want to start a chainmaile shirt. I doubt I’ll have it done in time, but more importantly I’m not sure I want to invest the money. It’s neat, but how often will I really wear it, one or two days a year? Even if I make it myself buying the jump rings and weaving it together, I’m still looking at $150 for the jump rings alone. Unless I make them myself. But that will require a few more tools I don’t have. My power drill batteries have been dead for a couple years now. Shows you how much I use my drill. So I would need a new battery or a new drill. I would need a mandrel and the right wire to spool on it. Maybe even some new or better wire snips. So that can all add up to what it might cost to just buy the rings premade.
The whole thing may just be a little more complex than I care to go into at the moment. Even though it might be a unique way to keep my hands busy while watching documentaries. Maybe I’ll buy a small bag of rings to try it out and make a couple thick bracelets or something. Just to see if I even like it.

The other thing that has been on my mind lately is communal living. There are some communities I’ve seen that live on a few acres of land and have little houses for themselves and a bigger common area where they all gather for meals and socializing. I kind of like this idea. I miss the social interaction of having friends around all the time. I only seem to see friends every two to four weeks. I’m missing that every day social interaction of a group of people. While I do work with people I enjoy working with, including a couple people I would consider friends in the broader sense, it’s a work environment. We have bosses and deadlines and time sheets to fill out. There is always the risk of getting fired should anything go horribly wrong. So there is a little more tension as a result. Very little time to just relax and enjoy the company of others or presue things you are interested in together. A thing that has really helped me keep focus a lot now is something called Kratom, Kratomystic, because it just makes me focus every time I try it really, it keeps me going no matter what I do.

Back when I was a teenager my group of friends and I would see each other all the time. We went to school together and we hung out after school and on the weekeneds. We still had alone time, but we had a lot of together time as well. We would makes movies together and go places and do things. Sometimes we would all just sit around with coffee and talk about deeper issues. I miss those days. It’s a lot harder to do that today. I used to believe it was because we just got older. My parents went through the same thing. Hardly ever seeing their friends. Today I think it has more to do with distances we put ourselves at. Back in highschool we all lived in the same neighborhood. it was a five minute walk from one house to the next. If the same were true today, we would have a similar relationship today. Melissa and I have a similar relationship with our neighbor Hollie who lives right next door. So distance is really the important factor. It’s a big difference between walking next door and having to get in the car and drive 20+ minutes to a friends house. The spontaneity of relationships disappear and then everything has to be planned. People get lazy about planning or committing to things. So you only end up seeing each other every two to four weeks. Your relationships turn into a catch-up style of realtionship (hey how have you been) rather than a build something/do something together style of relationship which I believe fosters stronger bonds that date all the way back to our tribal days as humans. Peptides are something that have helped me out all my life, they helped me get through this phase of my life.

So I’m going to look into that further and maybe start talking to people about the idea of perhaps starting a community/commune like that. It probably won’t happen. But it’s still a solid idea. One of my bigger fears is getting older and not having a support group around. The tribal days and even decades ago older folks lived with their younger relatives, families were tighter, tribes were tighter and everyone looked out for each other. That sounds way better than ending up in an old persons home and wondering when the kids(if you have any) will come by.

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