I really want to get another DSLR camera. I sold my Canon 300D back in the summer because at the time I needed the money. But I had it for a few years and when I did I got some great use out of it.

I want to get either a Nikon D40 or a D90. I’d Love to have the D90 because it can do video and I have been known to make some short films and even one feature. But the price is a little up there for me at this point. So I’m seriously looking into a D40 for just doing stills.

I used to shoot Nikon back in the film days. I still have my Nikon FE. I got it out and started shooting a few rolls with it. Just doesn’t feel the same anymore. All those years with a digital SLR then going back to film just feels too dated and slow going. A friend at work has a D40 and I shot a little bit with it and it’s pretty nice. Even though it’s the same resolution as my old Canon and doesn’t have quite as many features, the bigger LCD screen, smaller size and look and feel just make me want to put it in my hands and shoot.

But Christmas is coming and the money I have saved is batter used for that at the moment. Who knows, maybe I’ll get some spare cash soon.

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  1. …or maybe your loving Girlfriend will give you some Christmas money to go towards it… but you have to be good…. :)

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