Brave Christians must see this

I know many atheists who read a lot of material related to Christianity. Including the bible. As well as various other forms of Christian literature. Makes sense considering many atheists are former Christians themselves.

However I don’t know a lot of Christians who challenge themselves with atheist material. So I offer you a challenge dear Christian readers. Be brave. Check out this incredible series of videos made by a former Christian. They are well thought our and well intended. Not at all meant to be insulting or label Christians as intellectual midgets. They have very good production quality and the author is well meaning.

I warn you, this is a long series. Current 21 videos (each anywhere from 8-15 minutes long) and according to the author, he is less than half way through making the series. But the 21 video that exist cover most topics related to a man questioning his religion.

Here is the episode list:

Below is one video embedded from the series. I found this video interesting. It is technically third to the last in the current total of videos listed. But if you only watch one this is a pretty good one.

When you are done with the series I would be very interested to know your take on it. If it makes you question anything yourself or what your answers to some of his conundrums might be from a Christian standpoint.

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  1. I saw that “i am no longer a Christian” video and that is really good. Great post but you will never get Christians to watch that. They are to paranoid they will “lose there faith” and they would never be humble enough to admit they were wrong. But I will watch these vids.

  2. I’m having trouble with the video…I got about halfway and then couldn’t get it to resume (I’m tethering from my cell).  Does he have a website that has this all written out in text?

    As a side note, I’m a Christian and I’ve read about many other religions/beliefs…  The Qur’an, the Book of Mormon, works by Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach, Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre, Bertrand Russell, etc.  I’ve always considered it important to question everything at least once in your life and to reassess when you learn something new.  That’s how I was raised and I appreciate my parents’ attitude in that respect very much.

  3. @DominatingThinspo – Many Christians won’t watch stuff like this. You are right. But they really really should. Faith that is never challenged is a faith that never grows. 

    @firetyger – No he only has the videos. I highly recommend watching the entire series Not just this one video. So if you ever get a decent connection going, it’s a great series to watch.

  4. I think Christians ought to be brave enough to take in all sorts of challenging materials. And if it shakes their faith, good! What is faith worth if it can’t be shaken up?

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