Boring Sexual Partners

I am a very lucky man. My girlfriend and I are very compatible sexually. Which is difficult. So many girls are so afraid of trying things out because it’s either gross or it’s way too big for that or they just aren’t in the mood (all the time).

I’ve always been a sexual insatiable, except when it comes to Melissa. Now there is a girl that can keep up with me and even surpass me half the time. Other times the role is switched.

I’m not going to go into details about acts performed (although you know I would never be afraid too, just trying to keep it cleaner). But that girl can F***. 

Why are so many girls such prudes in bed? Now if you think I’m only talking about regular sexual positions and the occasional anal, I’m not. That’s all pretty normal. Fun but normal. I’m talking about the real kinky and fun stuff. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you need to check out some online porn. Seriously now.

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  1. I’m pretty adventurous (or at least, I would be if I was having sex.) I think really the only thing I won’t do is anal, just because it would hurt and yeah, it’s gross to me, haha. But to each their own.

    Other than that, I’m pretty insatiable.

  2. Yup. People don’t grow up thinking sex is dirty. BUT Sex is messy. If you’re okay with that and you’re comfortable with your partner (which you should be) then you can really do anything you want.

  3. You know, I just had that conversation with my boyfriend yesterday…er maybe the day before? He’s got a friend that’s married to a woman that won’t let him do anything or come anywhere but “in a hole”. She doesn’t swallow, except for twice before.

    I’m like, “wut?”

    I thought my boyfriend would have a hard time keeping up with me, but it turns out we’re perfect for each other.

    I don’t think a lot of women realize what they’re missing. They see the acts done or have them described to them, and they don’t realize it doesn’t look half as fun as it is.

  4. insecurity…

    I think it’s probably the most true and probable explanation for a prude. Unless there is some sort of religious belief system involved. We can all be sexual beings….not all of us can be sexually smart. A lot of women will hear this a thousand times “Your man beholds with great excitement what you believe to be flaws” In one ear and out the other….because they lack the internal confidence to branch out.

    A little whipping, role-playing, acrobats….it’s all fun. But requires some degree of maturity and confidence.

  5. I never quite understood prudes…  For me, love making is allowing the person you love to explore and admire your body.  It’s a bridge to more intimacy, therefore it should be enjoyed in all aspects.

    However, when it comes to sex… (let’s face it we don’t always love in the beginning)  I mean casual sex, it’s something I personally enjoy.  I do things that turn me on (and him too, in the process) so I just do what I like.  If it’s a fun idea and it gives me that little twinge in the nether regions, I’m game.

    Again, I don’t understand prudes, and I’m unable to answer that question.  It always bothers me when a girls says “I don’t swallow” or “I don’t (insert act here)”.  It’s like … wow, are you stuck up!

  6. i never understood prudes either.  do they even enjoy sex?  the worst, i think, are the girls who just lay there and make no noise or movement.  as for me, i’m willing to try anything, as long as it’s most likely i won’t pull a muscle.  seeing as i’m not a ballerina or gymnast though, it’s quite limiting….

  7. @roxics, You’re right.  It’s good to have someone who is in sync with you and isn’t afraid to try anything.  It’s good to have someone who trusts you enough to do things that are “out of the box”.

  8. I don’t understand having sex and not exploring other options in bed with your partner. Most people are probably uncomfortable with their bodies or don’t fully trust their partner when it comes to trying new kinky things.

    Haha. I think I’m talk more dirty for a virgin than my non virgin boyfriend does. I think I scare him sometimes with how much I know about sex and what I want, what I’m wiling to try. Hahaha.


  9. define prude. i’m always afriad people will call me a prude because a) i don’t have much sexual experience and b) i don’t tend to be attracted to people just on looks. i don’t really have one night stands or anything. i don’t THINK i’m a prude. there should be some kind of prude litmus test

  10. @Theater_Pixie – You don’t have to be a slut and sleep around with everyone. Definitely not what I’m saying. What I’m talking about is how you act with your partner, be it your boyfriend/husband/whatever. Are you willing to try things that might otherwise seem different or strange? Or are you a plain jane simple sex kinda girl? Are you willing to swallow, are you willing to rim your boyfriend or vice versa, are you willing to try anal sex, are you willing to try various positions and otherwise. That sort of thing.

  11. Ah, I remember the early days when I was first going out with my now husband. We did some crazy stuff! I was up for anything. Now almost 10 years later things have calmed down and become much more routine in that department. It’s kind of like we’ve been there, done that, now we know what we like and just stick to that mostly. It’s not that I’m a prude, but you get comfortable, you know? Plus I’m just exhausted at the end of the day after looking after the kids.

  12. For me if it hurts I don’t like it. If it takes more than two people to do it, I do not like it. If that makes you and I sexually incompatible. Well thats not a bad thing, I bet Melissa prefers it that way. But I am not a hard girl to please, I love to please, and I am far more energetic than most.

    If sex is so boring to you that you need three midgets, a donkey, and a case of Viagra to be aroused. Well different strokes for different folks

  13. @trunthepaige – “If sex is so boring to you that you need
    three midgets, a donkey, and a case of Viagra to be aroused. Well
    different strokes for different folks”

    Lol. Well I’ll agree with that one. That would be way too far.

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