Booty Contest Revision Ideas

So here is what I’m thinking. The original contest last year was in late March. But some people weren’t notified in time. I really only gave everyone three days. But we still pulled off a good contest.

This years contest was a bust and as a result was canceled. Or at least put off for a while. Some people say it was a bust because it was earlier (in February) rather then late March like it was last year (when it’s starting to become spring and people are feeling feisty). One person even said I should have it in mid summer when people are more in shape. Personally I think that’s too far off. Although I could have a second contest by then. Some people say that the addition of a prize made the contest seem kinda whorish. Another person said Xanga is less active this year.

Those might be true. But I also realize I didn’t remind people of the contest through out the weekend. I figured there were enough recs and enough buzz about it. But I guess that wasn’t enough. Some people forgot about it.

So what I’m consider doing now is a running collection where I would collect images till late March and then come late March I would hold the contest. This would give everyone a month to submit. I would also periodically remind people of the contest during that month.

Would this work out better for everyone? Or would everyone just forget or stop caring over that months time? What are your feelings about the prize? Does it motivate you to enter, not enter, care less?

This contest takes a little time and work to put together. Collecting images, logging them so I can find them. Collecting peoples info, then assembling everything for the final vote.

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  1. I don’t think the prize scared people off or made them want to enter.
    I think it’s all about how people feel about themselves.
    For example I love my ass, hence why I entered. Like marketing it’s all about target advertising.
    I think if you did keep timestamping/reminded people more people would have entered. Also I think if there were different categories.
    Best booty in jeans.
    Best booty in undergarments
    Best bare booty.
    that might encourage people more.
    Just some thoughts
    I hope it happens sooner rather than later!

  2. @raspberryjade – @HisKeiki – @Imnotcrazyjustinsane – @GiantUnicorn – @TheTheologiansCafe – What
    do you guys think of the idea of a rolling contest? Here’s what I mean.
    When someone submits, I add their picture to the contest entry along
    with a number. People can start voting right away. One picture gets
    added after another as they come in.

    Those who submit early have the potential of the most exposure over the
    contest period, as their image remains up the entire time. It also
    gives people reason to submit sooner. But those who submit late have
    the benefit of seeing what kind of shots people like the best and have
    voted on the most. It also gives them an idea of who their competition
    is and whether they want to submit. So when they do their picture the
    can take all of that into consideration for their pose, placement, ect.

    Then when we hit our entry dealine I tally all the votes.  We can also
    do sub categories like GiantUnicorn suggested, but those wouldn’t be
    for prizes, just recognition. The benefit to the sub categories is that
    one person can only submit one picture so one person can’t be in all
    three categories. So even if one person has a really killer bare ass,
    they aren’t going to win the pants or underwear category. 

  3. The other benefit to this is that the contest could go on for a month and people will remain interested because it keeps getting updated.

  4. @roxics – i like that idea. about rolling, i mean. but can the same person vote for each photo as it’s added? LOL

    but i like that… i say start tonight, and take them for two weeks like Dan said. then go for finals. >:D

  5. @roxics – The only set back would be that people may lose interest if it seemed to drag on for so long.  You would have to have a really great collection of butts to keep everyone interested for so long.  But I guess having it rolling would give people an incentive to submit earlier/more chances to rally for votes.

  6. @GiantUnicorn – People can vote right away. So those who submit early can gain more votes. If people vote early. If they submit later they get to see what other people have submitted first.

    You can only vote once and you can’t change your vote.

    Contest if up now. People can start voting now.

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