Big Trouble in Little China

Watched Big Trouble in Little China with my son last night. First time he’s ever seen it. That movie came out when I was his age. Used to watch it all the time as a kid, but I never realized how bad the acting was/is. Kurt Russell is totally pulling a John Wayne in the movie. Still great though.

Him and I also made a cake together. It was my birthday last week. But as birthdays go these days there isn’t much fan fare. I didn’t have a party of get a cake. I did go out with some of my friends, we played some skeeball, had some drinks, shot some hoops and stuff like that. Pretty cool. So I guess that was like a party, even though it was last minute and not really planned to be a party.

Not a whole lot else going on lately. I did get a new iPhone 4S. It’s nice. Not on xanga a whole lot anymore. Don’t know why. Been blogging more on my website and using facebook.

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    We’re on hiatus with SocialMore at the moment. Probably until April or May. My partner is going through a rough time right now. 98% of my work is complete with it, it’s just waiting for him. He’s done more on it than what is live. But it can’t be launched until he gets other stuff done with it. Since it’s all being built from scratch and there is so much involved it takes some time. It doesn’t help that we’ve had to rewrite a couple key aspects in order to make things more scalable.
    @Insanely_Imperfect –   Not that I know of. Why?

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