Bending her over

Every once in a while when my girlfriend is undressed I’ll get up behind her and bend her over and grab her ass in my hand. She never seems to mind. In fact most of the time she seems to think it’s hot. I love this about her. But it phases me how submissive women can be and how natural this position is to them.

I’ve seen it my whole life. If you watch people in public you’ll notice that when guys bend down to pick something up they rarely bend at the waist. If they do it’s usually really quick. I’m the same way. I feel weird about bending over and showing everyone my ass. Women on the other hand seems to do it all the time. They’re constantly bending at the waist pushing their ass out there for everyone to see. It’s hard for me to comprehend this difference between genders. I wonder if they ever even think about it or realize how they’re advertising themselves to everyone. It’s like they’re saying “hey check out my ass, don’t you want to pound it?” 

It must just be their nature.

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  1. i think they do it BECAUSE they want to show off their asses. in our society it’s more acceptable for women to show off the goods then for men. look at the tight shirts women wear…if a guy wears a tight shirt other guys think he’s gay.

    as for me, if i drop something i always stoop down instead of bend, mostly cause i don’t want my underwear to show if i bend, but also because i think it’s a prettier way of doing things.  i love being crazy in bed…but in the real world i prefer to be elegant.

  2. Haha, I was taught to not bend at the waist to pick stuff up. Since I was taught otherwise, I suppose it is in my nature. But I’ve seen men swipe stuff up from the waist too.

  3. Haha that’s so true! I can’t imagine how I look when I bend down to pick up something. Sometimes I try to pick it up with my toes. LOL. Such a man.

  4. That sounds like me and my boyfriend. :-p

    And to be honest, I never really thought about how I look bending over.  I guess I’ll have to pay more attention next time.

  5. lmfao. which is why i don’t bend over like that. i always drop down to the ground and just pop myself back up. you aren’t really suppose to just bend at the waist to pick something up, it’s not lady like. haha.


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