Being gay isn’t wrong – a look at male sexuality

When we look at the world as a whole, when look back through history, when we look at our modern times and even when we look outward into the animal kingdom, I find that it’s extremely narrow minded and illogical to view homosexually as wrong.

Often the biggest anti-homosexual movement is among the religious right. I’m not going to get into that debate right now.

I find beauty in a lot of people. As I am more attracted to females. I view females with greater regard sexually. But I can also see the beauty and the sexual attraction in the male form. When you look through history you find that many cultures felt the same way. One only needs to look at artwork from throughout time to see this. Not all male nudes were done by women and not all female nudes were done by men. 

While being gay is certainly the opposite extreme of being heterosexual, there is also a vast middle ground. Sometimes unspoken. An example of this is professional sports. Where men become obsessed with other men, their statistics and their bodies. “Does he take steriods”, “I wonder how long her works out” “look at the calves on that guy”. It’s not at all considered unnormal for a “heterosexual” male to view other men like this. Even professional american football see’s grown men smacking each other on the ass as perfectly acceptable heterosexual behavior.

In ancient Greece men would wrestle naked with each other. As in Greece the ancient Romans would take under their wing a teenage male for sexual pleasure and in return promote that younger males growth and social status.

Lesbian and bi-sexual females have also been a staple throughout history. Whether they were married to the same man or good friends turned lovers on the side.

We as human beings love putting things into boxes. It helps us identifiy and wrap our minds around concepts. Hetero, homo and bi are examples of boxes we’ve created. I would argue that like all things in nature, the lines between these boxes are not always apparent.  

I think that to grow as a society we need to embrace these fluid tendancies of our nature. The progress of this is more apaprent in females. They are more likely to openly comment about the sexual attractiveness of another female. Modern society has deemed this more acceptable then a male doing the same thing. The end result has been that women are sexualized far more then men.

I was walking through the porn section of the video store the other day with my girlfriend and 99.9% of the boxes contained nude females on their covers. Why is this? Is it because females are physically more attractive then males by nature? I know there are a lot of people who would say “yes” to this question. But ask yourself, is that really true, or are you simply conditioned by our society to believe this?

Times are changing. Males are taking better care of themselves. They are spending more time making sure their hair looks right, they smell good and their clothing matches. I believe this is a result of the womens rights movement and the equality of the genders equaling out. Could it be that within the next hundred years both males and females are viewed with the same level of sexuality? If this happens, I believe it will be for the betterment of all society.

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  1. I certainly don’t have anything wrong with people being gay, at the same time, I just don’t see men and women being viewed on the same level of sexuality for a very long time. I doubt it will happen in my lifetime at least, but nonetheless it could possibly happen. This was a very interesting entry. I had to read it a few times, but I like your thought process. Two thumbs up here, my friend.

  2. I feel that history repeats itself.  Hence your previous post.  As we advance, we also evolve, therefore we repeat history.  “The circle of live” continues on. 
    There is really nothing wrong with homosexuality or even being bisexual.  Women who deny being attractive to the same sex are in turn denying themselves. 

    I have been thinking a lot lately, and I’m still unsure of what the conclusion is (in my own perspective), but I honestly have been thinking that it is in our very nature to appreciate the sexuality of every sex.  Regardless if you consider yourself in the classification “straight”, there are always fantasies building in the back of your subconscious.

    What we need to do, is to stop denying ourselves and just relish in being human.

  3. Awesome post! And it’s so true how modern culture puts people into boxes. Most ancient cultures did not have words for ‘straight’ or ‘gay’ or ‘bisexual,’ all were accepted and fine.

  4. People who believe homosexuality is wrong are probably basing their beliefs on the Bible, which condemns it as being wrong.  Faith is not logic, nor should it be argued as such.  My belief that homosexuality is wrong is based on my belief that God is creator and the ulimate authority, that the Bible is true, and that it’s principals and teachings apply to my life today. 

    Looking back on other times and cultures does not change my beliefs about this.  I believe that we are all sinners and affected by sin…from early times till now.  The ancients were just as wrong for being homosexual as people now are. 

    This isn’t an isolated belief…it’s tied up in the way I view the world because of my Christian faith.

  5. I am Catholic by birth Christian by faith but in no way believe in the church.  This is how I see it… the bible is not the word of God.  It is the word of the church. God never said.. “here is my word spread it to all: Chapter 1… call it Genesis.”  The bible was made by man and thus is flawed like all of mankind. Church is just as flawed.  Give us your money so you can be good church members.  Faith is your believes has nothing to do with a building or a book.  It is all about what is in your heart and soul.  As for being gay and if it is right or wrong.  I say this… you love the person you love and I will love the person I love.  As long as your love life doesn’t involve my bedroom, me or the person I love why can’t everyone respect everyone else enough to let them love who they want how they want?  If we let religion or government tell us who we can or cannot love or be with what is next?  Do you really want to give religion or government the right or the power to tell you how to live your life and what to do in the privacy of your own home? Think about it… 

  6. Yes, it really is funny how this evolved in our society.
    How ‘common’ it is that girls make out and how ‘gross’ people find men kissing.

    But I have to say, I can imagine it to be rather… inspiring to watch men kissing.
    Not only women.
    And men have beautiful bodies, too.

    Rec’d it :)

  7. I think men are a ton hotter than women. But I also have stricter standards for what constitutes a “hot” male than for what constitutes a “hot” female. Of course, I’ve never fit into very many molds, so I wouldn’t worry too much if your model doesn’t fit me.

    In general, I think this does apply to most people.

  8. Some excellent research on the subject of homosexuality in pre-Christian and pre-Islamic societies has come to light in the past couple of decades (I mention those religions in particular because their rise tends to coincide with changing views on homosexuality).  There have been major revelations regarding homosexuality among cultures previously believed to be too hyper-masculine to have tolerated the behavior, including Viking society and feudal Japan.  In those times and places, much as it was in the Mediterranean and Aegean worlds, homosexuality was only frowned upon when the rules of status and decorum weren’t properly observed:  homosexual relationships were expected to follow certain social protocols, and to deviate from those protocols invited criticism…the relationship itself wasn’t commented upon, and to question the ethics/morality of a homosexual relationship would never have occurred to anyone. 

    I love orthodox Christians:  they practice a young faith (two-thousand years is nothing when measured against the whole of human history) that less than 1/3 of the planet observes, yet they’re confident that their collection of ancient dogmatic writings is somehow more “right” than the next guy’s collection of ancient dogmatic writings.  Brilliant!

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