Being Featured

Hey I got featured. Thanks to whoever nominated my post and to the people on the xanga team for picking it.
Strangely now that I’ve been featured I don’t feel any different. Shouldn’t I feel like superman or something? Lol.

Though I notice most people just check out that post and don’t go looking around at other stuff you’ve written. I guess that’s the nature of the beast though.

Anyway thanks to those who nominated/voted. 

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  1. @lizheartshakespeare – @melissa_orchid – Thanks. I guess. I feel weird being congratulated on it though. lol It’s not like I solved world hunger or anything. I just wrote about something like I always do. The one who should be congradulated is the one who got my post on the front page. It had to have been a difficult task getting my drivel approved by someone at corporate. lol  

  2. @roxics – I really don’t think it was drivel. They have been making a more concerted effort to post quality blogs to featured after all the backlash, so it says a lot that your post made it. Oh and for the sake of argument, congrats to whoever got the post to featured =)

  3. Yeah, it’s nice, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I get maybe two more comments per post than usual on average now. I definitely know how you feel.

    And now I find that when I post, I often think “I wonder if this will be featured,” when I never thought like that before.

    I’m glad it happened, but like you said in one of the comments, it’s not like we solved world hunger. =P

    We should try for that though, you and me.

  4. “Strangely now that I’ve been featured I don’t feel any different. Shouldn’t I feel like superman or something? Lol.”


    Congrats on being featured! It was an enjoyable, funny post. ^_~

  5. @roxics – You know… you just opened yourself up for a lot of jokes of the worst kind, but I’m not going there. LOL :P Besides, you’re not a ram… what would you want with a wooly lady on all fours like me? Oh, dear, look what ewe started…

  6. @roxics – It wandered right into the wolf’s den, didn’t it? Had no idea what was coming… I almost feel bad, but it’s the lamb’s own fault for being so succulent and juicy and… *drools*

    Screw the starving children, I haven’t had a good lamb shank in much too long.

  7. if it makes you feel any better…
    people go looking at me pictures…and entirely neglect all my posts….lol

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