Battlestar Galactica has ended

Wow! What an absolutely incredible series. The ending was amazing. I saw it coming long before, but the small twist was nice. What a perfect ending to the series. I actually found myself tearing up at the ending when Adama was.

It has my vote for the best sci-fi series of all time.

What did you think? Any BSG fans?

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  1. I was tearing up a little, too.

    It also definitely has my vote for best science fiction series of all time, and it is in the top contenders for best television series of all time.  (I can’t stand when people call it “sci-fi”, though.  To me, sci-fi is crap like Stargate: Atlantis.  More like poorly-written fiction and questionable “science” than anything.)

    I thought the ending tied things up pretty well, but they left some things unresolved (like what happened to the survivors on the other colonies).

    I will see the second miniseries they’re coming out with in the fall, and I’m sure I’ll see Caprica, too.  I have my doubts about Caprica, though.

  2. @methodElevated - I’m a stargate fan, have been since I saw the original movie three times at the theater in ’93 and watched SG1 debut in ’97. But it’s a totally different kind of sci-fi type then BSG. No where newar as serious or realistic. But stil fun.

    I had no idea there was going to be a second mini series. I did hear about Caprica though, but I’ve never been a huge fan of the whole prequel thing.
    @omgitsmackie - There are really only four seasons. But the forth was split into two parts because of the writers strike.

  3. @roxics - I used to be an SG1 fan, but that show lost its way around the fifth season or so.  The Orai were eventually introduced, and they completely ruined it for me because I think they’re fucking stupid.  Did the writers get swapped out during that time or something?  Because suddenly the writing got really horrible, and the Orai seemed like a total cop out because they couldn’t think of anything else.  They should’ve just ended the series at its prime instead of stretching it out to the point of cliched villains and boring story arcs.  I was happy to see two actors from Farscape join the SG1 crew, but they weren’t enough to save the show.

    I gave Atlantis a shot, but I couldn’t stand it.  The writing and acting were abhorrent, with the exception of one or two actors.  It introduced another boring enemy, and they overdid the whole “super evolved humans” plot.  It was interesting when it was hinted at in SG1 because it was still mysterious.  When you’re saturated in it constantly, it becomes uninteresting and old-hat.  I think another reason I really dislike Atlantis is because it came out around the same time that BSG did, and so I had something spectacular to compare it to.  They’re not even in the same league.

    It’s unusual to come across someone who likes both BSG and Stargate a lot.  It’s usually one or the other.

  4. @methodElevated - The Ori story line actually started in season 9. So it was only two season long. I had really mixed feelings on it. Part of me was all for it because it was such a dig at Christianity, which is something they never questioned during the first 8 seasons of SG1. Even though the entire main story arch was about debunking false gods. The mood of the shows also got a little bit darker, which was kind of neat to see. But it really should have been it’s own spin off series. Once Richard Dean Anderson left SG1 was pretty much done. 

    You’re right about the season five stuff though. Remember the first five seasons aired on Shotime, it wasn’t until season six that the series moved to the Sci-Fi channel.
    The series should have ended with season seven when they discovered Atlantis. That was basically the pinnacle of the entire series. Where there was still some mystery and excitement left.
    I’ll admit I have a lot of issues with the two SG shows. The replicators were really cool the first couple of episodes they showed up, but then they just kept bringing them back and I got so fraking sick of ’em. The SG shows did a lot of repeating and they suffered from making things too extreme. It’s like when you make a hero or an enemy too powerful, it almost becomes pointless. Suddenly the audience can’t relate to them anymore and it just gets ridiculous how much power they have. Once you go that far, how do you pull it back down to reality. 
    That’s one of the things I loved about BSG, although it was sci-fi it keep it’s feet on the ground. There were no energy sheilds around the ships, they used nukes, the characters had real flaws and not everyone survives.
    The reason I like both is because they are both fun, just in completely different ways. When you watch stuff like that you have to know and accept to some degree the scale of reality/pulp they fall into.   

  5. @roxics - I’m elaborating on my earlier comment as a blog entry, and I brought up the replicators, too. :P

    BSG is relevant and will be for some time to come.  People decades from now can look back on it and still relate to many aspects because its themes are universal.

  6. I haven’t seen the finale yet…in fact, I haven’t even read any of the above comments, in case there are spoilers!  I only watch BSG on DVD, so I’m going to be in the dark until S4.5 comes out in stores.

  7. @mysterylad - I bought the last two episodes through itunes. At $2.99 each they aren’t that expensive and the nice thing is they give you both the SD version and the HD 720p version to download with each episode. They’re already out now, so no reason to wait for the DVD.

  8. Amazing series.  I’d put it up there with my top five favorite weekly shows, I think, alongside Firefly, X-Files, Jericho, and House. 

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