Back to the future – almost right

In the movie Back to the Future II. Marty and Doc travel into the future to the date October 21, 2015. Once there, Marty discovers a world that has gone retro 1980’s with a futuristic flair.


Now this movie was released in 1989, so it only makes sense that they would use the 80’s as a starting point. I just think it’s kind of interesting how 80’s retro has come back in style. Just five years sooner than they predicted. It needs to hold out for another 5 years in order to make that movie true. But at the same time, we still have five years to develop power laces, hover cars, hoverboards, 3D holographic billboards and Pepsi needs to change their bottle design. Oh and Elijah Wood needs to get younger again and wear a spatula on his head. What kid doesn’t want to wear a spatula on their head?!

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