Atheist vs Christian – debate

Questions about the nature of God and the afterlife spring up in regards to Christianity. In a debate between a Christian and an atheist.

On the existence of God

Atheist “what purpose is there to a God existing?”

Christian “God is the creator of the universe and all life in it.”

Atheist “So then who created God?”

Christian “God has always existed.”

Atheist “Well, why can’t we apply that same concept to the universe itself and say that the universe always existed? Why do we have to add God one step beyond that before cutting it off with ‘always existed’? We have evidence for the universe but no evidence for God.”

On Hell and the afterlife

Atheist “Why did God create me to be a sinner if ultimately he loves me?”

Christian “Because he wants you to choose to love him.”

Atheist “But how can I love something I have no evidence exists”

Christian “There is evidence, but you will never be satisfied with it.”

Atheist “Ok, well if that’s true, why did God make my nature to be so stubborn so as not to accept this evidence? If my purpose here is to find and love God but I never do, why would he put me here to begin with let alone punish me for following my nature?”

Christian “He’s giving you what you want, a lack of himself, that’s what hell really is, a lack of God’s love.”

Atheist “That doesn’t really answer the question but ok. Well if he’s giving me what I want then it should be a continuation of what I have here in life and nothing less or more. Because life is all I know. I mean if I find no evidence to support the existence of God during my short time here can he really punish me for it? Is it really my fault?”

Christian “The bible is everywhere these days, the evidence is everywhere.”

Atheist “But I don’t believe that evidence. It doesn’t make sense to me. I spent time wanting to believe. I’d like to believe in “some” of this stuff but my mind just rejects it. It doesn’t add up to me. I’m far to logical to accept it, that’s just my nature.”

On free will

Christian “God is the greatest being and wants your love and worship.”

Atheist “But why?”

Christian “Because he needs an audience, it’s better that way.”

Atheist “So then what’s the point of original sin and free will?”

Christian “Because he wants you to come to his love of your own accord?”

Atheist “And if I don’t?”

Christian “You won’t get into heaven, on top of that you’ll burn for eternity.”

Atheist “So in other words I kinda have to or I’m royally screwed?”

Christian “Yup”

Atheist “So once again, why even give me the choice to begin with? Either I chose to love God or I burn in hell. That sounds more like a threat to me. Why would I want to love a God that is threatening me?”

Christian “Because he’s your God, you really have no choice”

On the bible

Atheist “How do we know God is who he says he is and that it wasn’t the devil that wrote the bible and played the role of God in it?”

Christian “What?”

Atheist “It’s an honest question, after all God does come off sounding pretty jealous and vanity stricken in the bible. Pretty much everything we’re told the devil is supposed to be. Clamoring for our blind worship on faith alone. Telling us to stone our children and idol worship the image of a man named Jesus. Seems like it would be a pretty good route for the devil to take.”



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  1. It is amazing how the script of an atheist and a Christian talking written by an atheist is biased toward an atheist.  There is absolutely nothing intellectual worth noting on this post.  But, I will rip it off so I can make fun of it later.

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