Apocalypse Dream

I had a really weird dream this morning. The world was ending. There was a lot of chaos going on. People were everywhere and on the road all kinds of debris was flying around. For some reason I had to pick up five lottery tickets for the big game. Three easy picks and two with specific numbers. Then I felt the need to ask the taxi driver to look at my one ticket, he did so while not paying attention to the road. But amazingly as worried as I was about him hitting any of the car parts flying around the road he didn’t.

Eventually I got to my destination where I began filling in holes with a shovel. For some reason I wasn’t afraid like other people were. Then something really weird happened. The sun turned out to be a big transformer and transformed into all these smaller spaceships that looked like big robotic bees. They headed to earth and landed at the building next to where I was doing my digging and filling. People were afraid of the beings that were going too come out of them but I wasn’t.

Strange dream. Didn’t feel like a nightmare, but certainly left a weird feeling in me this morning.

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