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  1. In an open relationship, you agree to care for and be in a real relationship with your SO while also having meaningless sex with others – basically only using other people as sex toys. Being friends with benefits with an ex is just having physical pleasures with someone without a solid relationship.

  2. open relationship = dating/ getting to know eachother while dating/getting to know other people in the same way. As in, its non-exclusive.
    Friends w/ benefits = no future potential, just using someone for your own gratification.
    W/ an ex?? = you are CRAZY………. And desperate..

  3. I agree with josiebunny. 

    Also, I have to agree with kontzicles about being desperate to be “friends w/benefits” with an ex!

  4. in an open relationship, all the same dating rules apply, just the fact that you and your SO can bang whoever they want and you are cool with it. i don’t see the point in it, it just it’s cheating, but you are “okay” with it.

    being friends with benefits means you guys are just using each other for sex and “company” because you don’t want to get into another relationship, but you want the sex and “company” part.

  5. I have to say that both are the same thing, except people like to label it one thing or another to make themselves feel better about it. In both cases the opportunity of being with others is still there and in both cases there is no commitment.

  6. It seems to me that if you are friends with benefits with an ex it would be considered more of a “secret”, while an open relationship would be more caring/public…

    That could be from experiance though.

  7. @JessxMaxine – This is something new we’re trying out. For all I know we could both hate it, or she could love it and I could hate it or vice versa. But in my point of view it’s something to at least try. More and more lately I’ve come to redefine in my mind what “commitment” is. And starting to feel that it’s more about “being there for someone and loving someone”. But sex is something that can just be fun. Having sex with other people is like having three different dildos to choose from. Although you always have your favorite one, sometimes you want to try the others.

    I’m also starting to think that love is more powerful then sex and ending relationships over the other person having fun one night (be it just making out, flirting or going all the way) shouldn’t mean throwing everything away that you have together. It just seems like jealousy and insecurity about sex is something we should overcome, not endorse by yelling “you cheated, we’re done”. 
    I’ve never cheated on anyone, but I’ve always always felt a little trapped in my previous relationships. I know Melissa has felt the same way being that’s she’s bisexual and he ex husband didn’t like that kinda thing. So we’re trying to open things up a little. It’s new for both of us. 

  8. @roxics – Ah, I see. Well, if you both felt trapped in past relationships and you both are open and willing to try new things, maybe this will help build your relationship stronger. I know, personally, I could never be in an open relationship, each to their own. Best of luck to you guys.

    I hope it works out for you guys. Open relationship or not.

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