Anarchy – a good thing?

Growing up a good ‘ol American white boy I was always told that patroitism is a good thing and our government is the best in the world. We live in the land of the free. My father served in the Navy, my brother-in-law as well. Even making it all the way up to commander.

When I was growing up the word Anarchy was always associated with chaos. Exactly what we don’t want. Lawlessness and the wild west.

Recently however, I have a couple of friends who have gotten on the anarchy bandwagon. Me being the curious type, decided I needed to investigate before making any rash judgements. So I talked to them and read a lot of stuff online. Still am. What I’ve come to realize is that it’s not as crazy of an idea as it first sounds.

The core argument for anarchy is no single group of individuals should have a monopoly of power on the masses. Whether you vote them in or not doesn’t matter, because government, no matter what type it is, only becomes bigger and more corrupt over time.

Governments use violence or the threat of violence to make you do what they want you to do. You have no choice but to comply or leave your life as you know it behind. So when the government says that you have to pay them taxes, you have to pay them taxes or they will eventually arrest you.

Have you ever asked why? Why you should have to pay property tax, income tax, sales tax, telephone tax and so on?

The war on drugs is a perfect example of the government mandating what you can and cannot do, even though you are harming no one else by smoking pot. Yet 1% of our population is behind bars in the country at any given time. We have a larger prison population than any nation in the world. Most of them for victim-less crimes like smoking too much pot.

We can see this in our own nation today. We can also look at history and see it.

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