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I have created a Xanga Circle and I am sharing that circle with everyone. So if you add me I will put you in that circle and other xanga members can take that circle themselves.

When you add me, leave a reply on that post so I know you’re a xanga member and want to be added to that circle.

A way of keeping in touch. Please recommend this post.

I know it’s not a perfect solution. But it’s a solution until a permanant solution can be figured out.

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  1. @leaflesstree – @hintofblue – 

    I’m not a huge fan of it either. But it’s pretty powerful and the ability to group people easily into circles and just view a feed from that circle alone is very nice. 

    G+ unlike facebook is more about following people with similar interests or something cool to say. Whereas I (and I think many others) see facebook as more of a place for following real life friends and family.

    So G+ may be a better site if it has people on it you know (via xanga) and are are following.

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