A Snapshot of Xanga as a Social Study

Xanga is a pretty interesting website. I really only started blogging hardcore on here back in November of 2008. But two impressions hit me immediately.

1. Damn there are a lot of women on here. More then I think I’ve seen on any given website anywhere. Which baffles the hell out of me. Even considering how big sites like facebook and myspace are. But I guess when I say a lot of women, what I really mean is “a lot more women then men”. Which is really interesting in itself. It makes me wonder why.

2. There are a ton of conversative Christians on here. Once again I really don’t know why. What is it about this website compared to any other social blogging site that seems to attract conservative Christians?

Now if I put both of these together. It seems that there are a lot of young conservative Christian women out there who only seem to represent themselves in any meaningful way on the internet via Xanga.

I mean I’ve even been to popular Christian messageboards that don’t seem to carry these same statistics. Most of the members tend to be guys. So this is a pretty interesting combination we have going on here.

Anyway this is kind of scary for me. Because I’m a liberal and not a Christian. I believe in technology and human progress through science. I also believe less religion is better. When Bush won his second term I was devestated. I was so sure he was going to lose because everyone was going to see through all his bullshit from the first term. But when he won I felt like I completely had my finger off the pulse of the nation.

Now looking at Xanga I realize there is this decent cross section of our nation that consists of hot young conservative christian women and it scares me and baffles me to no end. What am I to make of this?
And more importantly what is it about Xanga that attracts these people more then any other website? Why am I not seeing these same kind of statistics anywhere else on the internet? 

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  1. There’s some somewhat liberal and some very liberal Christians, too, but we tend to get … not exactly kicked off, but frustrated with and discouraged by Revelifers.

    As for the pulse of the nation, I don’t know at all. I’ve been on public college campuses for the last six years so I was startled when Bush was re-elected.

  2. … I’m kind of a conservative Christian. Of course, I’m not afraid to go against the grain and question my own beliefs and the beliefs of others. I suppose I’m more open-minded then people tend to see Christians as being. Hopefully I don’t get crucified just for stating this straight out. There’s a difference between stating my beliefs and forcing them on other people.

    Bush’s term was kind of scary at times (take a look at this Air Force base in Colorado Springs, for example)… then again, our new President is starting to scare me a bit as well. The whole calling Americans arrogant thing still stuns me.

  3. I’m not Christian but I think Christians are more comfortable at xanga because myspace is very materialistic. Facebook is a mini myspace. Xanga in the end is about blogging and is really different than the other sites. That is just how I see it and I don’t use my facebook anymore so, I could be inacurrate. As far as the message boards go, I have no idea because I haven’t done the research you have done.

  4. @earthdragon_535 – I guess I would agree. But I’m not sure I would call facebook a mini myspace. Facebook has over twice as many members as myspace. 200+ million to myspace’s 100 million and it’s estimated to be worth well over a billion dollars should it ever sell. Myspace is on it’s way out, facebook is still gaining popularity and Twitter is on the rise to become the second biggest social network in a couple years time, if not overtaking facebook eventually.

    Xanga by comparsion, although I have no numbers, seems to be a small-medium fish in a big sea. I say this based on the fact that most people I talk to in real life have never heard of xanga and I keep running into the same people over and over again on this site. Though that may just be a compliment to its design, I’m not sure.

  5. I think you’re just pissed off because you can’t figure out how to get all these hot chicks in bed with you. Religon sure is a bitch when you’re trying to get someone to do something against their beliefs.

  6. @ProfessorTom – A harem of conservative christian virgin girls? Um.. I know where I would want that to go, sounds good in theory. But the reality it seems would be much different. I can’t say I’ve ever been with a wholesome Christian girl before, but I can say I wouldn’t last long with one at all. I’m sure most would be turned off just by the fact that I want to fuck them, but then would really turned off by how I’d want to do it. I tend to get super kinky.

    I’d rather just have my deviant and delicious girlfriend and maybe another deviant and delicious girlfriend of hers from time to time along with her. :)  

  7. @roxics – (Dare he admit his shameful secret here?) I haven’t either. And yeah, I guess your right. Let me try again from a different angle.

    Why is it that so-called Christian girls turn out to be  the biggest freaks? Does the kink become greater the more one is repressed as a child?

  8. If I didn’t have a boyfriend and you didn’t have a girlfriend, and if you wanted to have sex with me, I’d agree. And I’m a Christian.

    [I’ve never said this before to anyone, so you’re the first. Ha!]

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