EDIT: I’ve added captions for the fun of it.

The Wayne County building in downtown Detroit. We were walking around Detroit and it started to snow really hard but I had my big camera with me and shot this photo.

The box art for my feature film Falling Apart. I made the art work, printed the discs myself, but had the case inserts printed and cut professionally.

Studio style shot of my girlfriend Melissa shot under flos.

Shot on my old iPhone out the driver side window of my car. 
My friend Josh, shot in the studio under hot lights. I love the look of this image. It reminded me of a Gap ad.

Self portrait of myself in my black beret. I was going for texture. I think I got it. :)

A shot of my friends band “Select”. I just think it works.

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  1. Are you a professional photographer? These are gorgeous! The first one looks like a painting, very cool. 

  2. @melissa_orchid – Thanks. I am a professional video/cinematographer. I have done some photography professionally but mostly do it as a hobby. I should put some more images up later. I have a bunch of stuff I have yet to put online.

  3. the shot on the iphone is great.  I wish I could get shots like that with just my phone but I can’t.  So I always carry my camera with me.  I have to for work anyway, but my friends call me paparazzi. :)

    I also like the band shot.  It reminds me of one shot my mother did (a photographer) and I was fixing my hair, my friend was looking at her feet and my other friend was bored and looking at his watch.  We were all sitting in a row and on a stage.  Not planned, we were bored of being photographed.  haha.

    I also think the shot of your girlfriend is gorgeous. The seriousness and relaxed look her eyes give is cool.

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