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  1. youve been married , divorced, have a child, you are bi, you are back together with your recent few day ex and all her friends dislike you.

  2. @DivaJyoti – Yup. I don’t know about the strange statues part but otherwise. Yes to the rest.

    @TakingxOverxMe – Yup. And will do it again. ;)

    @Insanely_Imperfect – Myself and my partner yes. Still a work in progress before it really shines.

    @dirtbubble – Hardcore every day.

    @Snoog420 – Wow! You’re going to be the one to write my wikipedia article aren’t you. lol True to all of that.

    @RestlessButterfly – Indeed I am, but my girlfriend is willing to share under the right circumstances. 

  3. haha.  I know a lot about you. jesus. I could write a book.

    I think that’s what is different about xanga.

    btw, I had a threesome this summer. with a neighbor by my summer house. with his (male) friend. I went over to catch up on things. brought a beer. it just happened. And, it was good, lol. I did think of you afterward.

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