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I took my son Gabe to the movies this afternoon to see Ice Age 3D. It occurred to me that him and I have never been to the movies together. He’s 5 and I wasn’t really sure I wanted to take him at any younger of an age. I didn’t know if he would sit through it ok. Granted he has been to the movies with his mom and grandma in the last year or two, but him and I have never gone. Although he was excited about seeing the movie, he just loved the fact that him and I were going. As he said to me “Daddy and son movie day.”

He liked the movie, I let him pick it out. It was between Ice Age and G-Force. But he didn’t care for having to wear the glasses the whole time. He kept sliding them up and down.

This was his first 3D movie and the first 3D movie I have seen since I was about 12. I saw the Muppets 3D at MGM studio in Disney World. Although I did see Friday The 13th part 3D a a local indie cinema about 8 years ago, the movie was messed up and so it didn’t appear in 3D. Just blue and red. I think the two layers of the film were offset too much. So I don’t count that one.

I had heard that the new digital 3D movies had improved the quality of the 3D experience, especially for animated films. I know it’s a ploy by the studios to get butts back into movie theaters and it’s a good one. This is nothing new, studios have been doing stuff like this for decades. When television first came out the movie studios were afraid people would just stay home and watch TV, so they started shooting movies in widescreen and presented that as an amazing new thing. Previous to that, movies were shot and projected in 4 by 3, which is the same squarish shape as old TVs.

The new 3D movies do in fact look good. There is definitely a lot of depth going back into the screen. But like Gabe, I’m not a fan of having to wear the glasses the whole time. You can tell something is a little off. They don’t bug out my eyes as much as the old 3D, but it’s still there just a little bit. I’d certainly go see more movies in 3D, but I wouldn’t want to see every movie in 3D having to wear these kind of glasses.

I’m curious to see where 3D goes this time around. This is an old ploy movie studios pull out every so many decades since the 1950’s. It seems to come and go like a trend. It hasn’t ever really stuck around. But a lot of that had to do with the quality of the 3D experience as well as the high cost of 3D film prints. Now that everything is (or is going) digital these days, including the projectors in movies theaters, I’d be interested to see how long the trend sticks around this time. Perhaps indefinitely. Personally I think that if they can find a way to get rid of the glasses the experience would be much more appealing.

As for shooting movies in 3D. I’m under the impression that all movies should be shot in 3D even if they aren’t released that way right away. Just to have that extra information for the future. Because something tells me that one day 3D moves are going to be like movies shot in color, they’re just going to be the norm and watching one that isn’t 3D will just look old.  

What do you guys think of these new digital 3D movies? Have you seen any?

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  1. i’ve seen ice age 3D. it was ok. but i always thought 3D movies were supposed to make us “whoaaa!” like that thing on the screen was gonna fall on us!

  2. @raiyaya – Yeah. I know that’s what Gabe was expecting too. I think they’ve gotten a little more realistic with the modern 3D stuff. They’re not trying to shock the audience with the technology so much anymore as they are just using it to add more dimension to the movie. Personally I think it’s better this way. Nothing worse then a cheap trick just to say “hey look what we can do.” Friday the 13th part 3D had a lot of those cheap tricks and even when you watch the non 3D version of that movie you just sort of look at it and go “what the heck.”

  3. Aww thats cute! I saw a movie at the zoo in 4D is was scary lol. Not only did the animals look like they were comming for you, you felt it. When one would breathe a little puff of air would hit the back of your neck and when one of the pochers shot a dark at one you felt a little poke in ur back, also ur seat trimbled. I kept my eyes closed most of the time lol.

  4. Only time I’ve ever seen a 3D movie was in the comfort of my own home. I’m guessing it doesn’t work with a glass screen, because I saw nothing 3D. Perhaps when we get a plasma it will be different. I’ll probably never go see one in a theater simply because my husband is colorblind and claims it doesn’t work for him.

  5. Coraline in 3D was AMAZING.

    I’m personally waiting for a feature presentation length 4D movie, like openmindedgirlk mentioned above.  I saw a 15 minute vignette of The Polar Express in 4D and it was really cool… an absolute perfect movie for the concept.  You could smell the fir trees and the hot chocolate and feel the snow falling on you.  :)

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