2nd Annual Xanga Booty Contest

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Xanga Booty Contest. Please see the official entry rules below.

Last years contest can be found here:

Contest is Live right NOW! Check it out. You can still enter! Entry details below. Link to contest in progress (link)

Entry and Rules:
This is pretty simple. Email roxics@gmail.com with your xanga username and a picture of your booty before 11:59PM EST on Friday March  12th. The sooner you enter the more votes you have a chance at getting since this is a rolling contest. See explanation below.

You can ask to be anonymous if you wish, but I still need your xanga username in the email to make sure you are a xanga member. Even then your username will not get listed until all the voting is done and only those who place in the top three will be listed.
Alternatively you can post the image up on your own xanga blog and just link me to it, if you prefer.

The contest has changed this year. This year we are holding a rolling contest from February 18th to March 12th.
What does that mean? It means that when you submit your picture it gets immediately added to the voting post. People can vote right away or wait until March 12th to vote. The benefit to submitting early is that you get more exposure. The benefit to submitting later is that you get to see what everyone else has submitted first.

There are three subcategories. Nude, Undies and Pants. Winning a subcategory is just for fun. Winning the overall best Xanga booty will get you 6 months of Premium Xanga membership.

One booty per picture. One picture per person. We don’t want to confuse people on what booty they are voting for. lol

If you are shooting with a cell phone, make sure your phones camera is at least VGA resolution (or 1 megapixel and higher). I don’t want to have to deal with really really small pictures and try to blow them up like I did last year. It just makes your booty look bad.

This contest is open to guys and girls. There will be a vote for best guys booty and best girls booty.

Voting is done by everyone in the comments of the voting post. If we get a tie, I will ask a random xangan who hasn’t yet voted to break the tie.

NOTE: My blog is not public, you need to be a logged in Xanga member to see this contest.

Prizes: 1st place in each category (guys and girls) will win 6 months of Xanga Premium membership. No prizes for winning a sub category. There must be at least three entries in each category for there to be a Xanga Premium winner. In other words one guy can’t enter and win by default.

Please rec this one to spread the word as much as possible and get the most entries.

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0 thoughts on “2nd Annual Xanga Booty Contest

  1. @Imnotcrazyjustinsane – That’s what everybody said last year. And yes I do want people to send me pictures of their butts. That’s the point of the contest. Lol. :D

    But there is way too much porn on the internet to go pleading to xangans for stuff. This is all just for fun.

  2. EXCELLENT! I would totally do this if it weren’t for the fact that I am pretty private about letting people on the web see anything but my fully clothed body I can’t wait to vote though! booties are the best!

  3. Hmm… there’s a noticeable lack of brown booties in the contest. lol Maybe I should submit my photo to even things out. Hmm… although that would probably be a dead giveaway.

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