Yesterday I posted that blog entry about nudity, which I also posted to facebook. As normal, all of the replies came on facebook itself. People today can’t be bothered to visit a blog and reply in the comments form there. Most of the time they can’t even be bothered to click a link to read […]

Nudity in public

#128749141 /   I’m not a nudist. Let me first get that out of the way. But I do believe clothing should be optional in public spaces like parks, beaches, streets, etc. Even private property where it is allowed yet publicly visible. Such as standing in your front yard. Most people most of the […]

Shaved Pussy

My girlfriend asked me why I like shaved pussy. I couldn’t give her a decent answer, because I had never thought about it deep enough previous to her asking me. I just do. I like the way it looks and feels. Asking someone why they like shaved pussy is like asking them why they like blue […]