Is bisexuality a choice?

Today we battle for equality on several fronts. One of the most prominent is equality for homosexuals in marriage and overall acceptance in society in order to minimize violence and prejudice against them. As a result many arguements have been made that homosexually is no more a choice than heterosexuality. One is born that way. […]

SocialMore Update

Now this is awkward. I’m giving a SocialMore update on my personal blog, not on Have you seen the movie The Lone Ranger, the new one with Johnny Depp? Throughout the movie he’s always feeding his dead bird. That’s how I feel about SocialMore. I started this project in late 2009. I brought on […]

Let’s ditch marriage

Lately I’ve been reading the exceptional book “Angels Of Our Better Nature” by Harvard Professor Steven Pinker. The book centers around violence and how it is decreasing in the modern world. But there is one part of the book where he discusses honor. I’m “reading” it on audiobook so I don’t remember exactly how it […]