Gay, nurture or nature?

I don’t necessarily believe that all people who are gay were born gay. Humanity is a spectrum and sexuality falls on that spectrum. You’ll hear people say (myself included) that sexuality is fluid. I very much believe that. We know that there is no gay gene. But there are epi-marks that act as switches on […]

Can you read this?

I’m doing a test. I want to know how well my self-hosted wordpress blog is showing up for people using different readers like the reader, feedly and aol reader. Please post a comment here and tell me if you can or cannot see the featured image in your reader. It seems that by defaul […]

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Are you slender?

This is my definition of slender. Which I really like. I’m the same body type so of course I’m attracted to my own body type. But I’ve noticed that a lot of women aren’t. At least from my experience. So are you slender and attracted to your own body type?