Strong female character?

What constitutes a strong female character in a movie? I’ve noticed that movies have tended to shift from one extreme to another when showing females. Either they were parts with minor speaking roles almost like arm candy for the male leads. Nearly helpless without a man. Then the trend shifted to the extreme where you […]

Facebook comments

Facebook has a commenting system you can install on other websites (like this one) that allow people to comment on those websites using the familiar facebook comment box. See the comment box below this post. I’ve decided to give it a whirl on this site. I had previously been using the Disqus commenting system, but […]

Idea Stealing

What about people stealing my ideas and making a boatload of money off them? That certainly can and has happened to people. But how often? Honestly I don’t know the numbers so I’m going to make an assumption. It sounds to me like one of those rare occurrences that happen that are so scary they […]