Bisexual women

This was originally meant to be written as a reply to TheTheologiansCafe on his entry about bisexual women.But it got so long and would have been posted on the sexond page where no one would have seen it. So I post it here instead. I used to believe most women are bisexual but I don’t […]

451 friends

More friends than I have on any other “network.”But how many of them actually know anything about me. So tell me one thing you know about me. And by all means, try this out on your own blog.

The Fairer Sex

Is the reality that females really are the better looking of the two genders or is it more complciated than that? Does it have more to do with the fact that we’ve historically lived in patriarchal societies where horny testosterone driven men have made sexual objects of females? Thus perhaps even females grow up believing […]

Slavery Again

Imagine that at some point in the future we will have humanoid robots that are very much like humans in look and feel and similar in cognative capacity. Capable of cooking, cleaning, building, repairing and even sexually pleasing. 1. Would you purchase one of these machines?2. Would that be considered slavery of some type?3. What […]