It always amazes me the different tone you get on different websites between people commenting. On some websites people are really caring and I’ve seen people go all out to help each other by sending them stuff they need or helping out in some other way. Then there are websites where people immediately start attacking […]

I’m a mac user

I built my first PC in 1998 when I saved up my money from a summer job and bought all the parts at a local computer expo. Back then a new desktop would run you about $2000 from a store. I paid just over $1000 for mine buying it in pieces and assembling myself. It […]

It’s alive!

Comments and email notifications are now working on post some updates and comment on other peoples updates. The more people using it will help us test things better. Thanks. P.S. Obviously there is way more to come. This is only the beginning.

Silver Bullet

Now vaping my Silver Bullet at 6 volts on a dual coil cartomizer. This thing hits the back of your throat like a freight train and smacks your ass like you’re a little bitch. I think I’ll do a full video review tonight.

Comments are working

Comments are now working on All accounts have been activated and any new account is immediately live. So people can post new updates and comments on other peoples udates. Later this week we will have email notifications working for when you get comments to your stuff. Please help us test this out by posting […]

We are here

I just had an interesting conversation with an old buddy of mine. You know how sometimes when you say something to someone else, you learn it yourself? It’s sort of like you knew it, but you realize something new about it when you actually speak it. Well I had that happen to me. What I […]

So much death

Whenever I watch one of these war movies, no matter what period it takes place, I’m always aware of all the death. We’ve grown so used to seeing such slaughter on our screens as entertainment. But I can’t help wondering what the story is behind each and every “extra” that dies. In a way, movies […]

Would you go back and tell your younger self to make a different choice?

Something that would change your life by correcting a mistake you made. Even if it meant undoing the good things that came about after that mistake? I often wondered that about myself. Had I the ability to go back and tell my younger self one thing that would make my life different. It couldn’t be […]