Her friends hate me

I really don’t understand. But for some reason, none of my girlfriends female friends have ever liked me. No matter which girlfriend I’ve had. I want them to like me, but apparently I am incredibly awkward with women. I come off a creepy, controlling and introverted. Yet my girlfriends have always seen me as exactly […]

Why procreate? Why survive?

Modern science tells us that life evolves. It evolves through a series of mishaps. Those mishaps if positive, will stick around. Positive being anything that helps a life form survive and procreate. Science also tells us to sexual procreation is better than asexual procreation because it promotes genetic diversity. Diversity helps bring about new positive […]

Brave Christians must see this

I know many atheists who read a lot of material related to Christianity. Including the bible. As well as various other forms of Christian literature. Makes sense considering many atheists are former Christians themselves. However I don’t know a lot of Christians who challenge themselves with atheist material. So I offer you a challenge dear […]

Fixing my brakes

Had a hell of a time on Sunday fixing my front brakes. Figured it would only take me about and hour and a half. That’s how long it usually takes. But it turns out the guys at Discount Tire snapped off two of my wheel studs when I got new tires 6 months back. They […]

Single Again

After three and a half years. I still consider her a good friend. She’s an amazing person, but I just wasn’t feeling it overall. We weren’t going in the right direction together. So that’s that. I’m not looking for anyone else.

Roxics the filmmaker

I’m beat. Beat red. Ashamed of what I said. I’m sorry. I know I’m a sinner but I can’t say no. Tonight I’m down on my knees.Tonight I’m begging you please.Random Weezer lyrics for the hell of it. Onto the post. From age 12 to age 25ish I dreamt of being a filmmaker more than […]

Go Topless

Don’t ask me how I find these websites because I really don’t know sometimes. http://www.gotopless.org/ But let’s face it. I talk a lot about male choice and diversity on this blog. I’m not insensitive to female choice as well. What’s your take? Should it be illegal for women to go topless in public? Why or […]