Package Enhancement Lol the things you find on the internet. I like what they are going for. But damn those prices! That’s my only complaint. Women can walk into walmart and buy panties for $3-4 in a variety of styles and colors. Guys have to go online and spent $25 for a single pair. Sure you […]

Men in skinny jeans

Don’t really care for this look myself. It’s not the fact that the jeans are tight, I just don’t like the tight look around the ankles. If they flared out, that would be a different story. Personally I think mens jeans should get tighter around the butt and thighs. Hell even skin tight like womens […]

Glorious Anumati

How you move me! I do believe this song is on the soundtrack to the end of the world. My favorite part is 1:48 – 2:39 Then of course there is Caarano Pi. The first minute of this song nearly brings me to tears when I hear it. After that it kinda goes down hill […]

Search First!

I’ve been a messageboard user for well over a decade. Dating back to the late 1990’s. I love messageboards or forums as they are also called. They are a wealth of information and community. They are the precursor to modern day social networks even though messageboards are still around and thriving. But they are often […]

Fashion Ad

Jeans & Shit

I’ll be honest. The fashion world confuses me. Every time I see clips of runway models doing their walk, the first thing that comes to my mind is “what the fuck!” I’ve seen better fashion from drag queens on Jerry Springer. Thank god this plastic wrap shit doesn’t end up in stores where we commoners […]


So I’m using Google+ now and I’m liking it more than facebook. But I was a little worried there for a minute. I thought google+ was going to kill any purpose for Dante and I developing I see now that I had nothing to fear. Google+ is definitely super cool. If your entire purpose […]