Redesigning Men

I’ve seen this question pop up once or twice on Xanga recently. The question is, what becomes of men in the modern feminist world? Times are changing quickly. Technology has enabled us to live lives that humanity has never before been able to do. We come into a new world where women are gaining power […]

Dear God… these girls

So I’m doing a photo shoot in the main hallway at a doctors office and this teenage girl and her 40 something mom walk by. I’m being all nice and say hello. But this teenage girl is wearing these tight grey leggings and her ass is just like… heaven. OMG! I’ve never in my life […]

Sneaky Peaky My page has a screenshot of what’s coming.We’ve got 160 alpha testers and many more registered who can’t get in yet. We’re working on a steady basis now to get everything up a running. I’m shooting for the beginning of the year for a public beta at this point. My desire to to find […]

Xanga Booty Contest – Winners

You can see the entries here:—voting-and-accepting-entries/ Overall I’m pretty disappointed in the lack of participation this year. One would think that every year it would get bigger and better. That certainly seemed to be the case from year one to year two. I don’t know if it’s the fact that this year it took […]

Deleting my account – NSFW

Not this account. I’m not leaving. But considering deleting my other account. The one where I post pictures of naked young men worshipping shaven young women with the tip of tongue. I won’t link to it here because it doesn’t matter anymore. Nobody wants to see that kind of stuff. ;) Plus you know, let’s […]